The best day ever (well nearly)

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  1. I'm so happy, i had one of the best days ever yesterday. My Mum and i had a little trip to London on the train to go to Buckingham Palace for the summer opening of the state rooms. Our ticket to go in was for 2:15 so we caught the 10:00 train to Victoria. We had a very interesting journey, my Mum will talk to anyone and sometimes i think to myself "oh Mum let them be". Well we had a family of 5 sit next to us and there were 2 girls and a boy and the boy was sitting next to my Mum, he looked about 11, anyway we were just passing by a local landmark and Mum leans over and points it out to the lad, well i had deduced that the family were from Holland and although he was probably learning English i was thinking " oh Mum leave him alone, he probably doesn't understand you", well he very politely nodded and smiled and looked at what Mum was pointing at, and then a couple of minutes later he changed places with his Mum who was sitting next to me, probably said to his Mum " you sit next to the crazy lady!!!). So My Mum then starts talking to his Mum, and the next thing i know we are all talking. We found out that they had sailed to the UK from Holland and were staying in a marina not far from where i live. My DH and i are very passionate about sailing and hope to have our own boat one day. So i had a very nice conversation with her about sailing and boats :smile: My Mum and i also gave them some tips on what to do in London for a couple of days. It really was lovely. Well we went our separate ways once at Victoria. Mum and i then went and found a cafe for a coffee and sandwhich. And then we took a stroll to Buckingham palace. It was now about 1:00pm so we decided to do the Royal Mews first. Wonderful to see all the coaches and especially the Coronation coach, what a way to make an entrance :P Time was marching on so we made our way to BP, had a little bit of a wait before we went in (so many people). Once inside though, OMG what an amazing place. The ceilings are spectacular i walked around looking up for most of the time, the chandeliers too, stunning. They had a special exhibition of the Banqueting hall set up for a state banquet. Truly a sight to behold, you can just imagine being a guest and the atmosphere must be fantastic. I would so recommend going if you can :yes:
    Once we were finished with the palace we had a drink and a cake in the gardens, it was now about 4:30pm so we were deciding what to do, when i suggested perhaps going to Knightsbridge and maybe popping into Harrods :graucho:
  2. I can smell a reveal coming on..
  3. ^^ me too. :graucho:
  4. MOre, mOrE.......!!!
  5. Another story!! My favourite... where are you littleblackbag? Come back!!
  6. Ooh, so many reveals!! I love it!:yahoo::woohoo:
  7. then what happened??? :wlae::wlae::wlae:
  8. Oooooh! I love story threads! This sounds so intruiguing.... More please!!
  9. a live reveal for me! :woohoo:
  10. Where did she go? :wlae:
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    Anywhoo off to Harrods we go. We hop on a bus at Hyde park corner, i asked for Harrods the bus driver said it was the next stop and let us ride for free :tup: Don't know why but i wasn't gonna argue!! So off we get, i said to my Mum you mustn't let me buy anything (yeah right, like my sweet 70 year old mum's going to stop me). She says "OK", and as we walk into Harrods she says " You are not to buy anything!!". Bless her. I told her i just wanted to have a little look at the Hermes department ;) Mum says "whatever that is". She's not into designer stuff like i am, but she enjoys shopping with me. Ok so we get to the Hermes area, and this is a really big deal for me, as before i joined TPF i would usually skirt the edges of the Hermes Department and skuttle off as soon as a SA looked at me. However i now have the confidence to start looking at things. We start off looking at the perfume and we both have a squirt of the Un Jardin Apres La Mousson, which i just love. Then we wander over to the bag cabinet and a SA asks if she can help (this is when it could have all gone wrong, and i stutter and sweat and run away, well i didn't!!) i replied "thanks, i'm just looking at the moment". She smiled and said "thats fine just ask if you need any assistance". Well i was looking at the beautiful black Picotin pm and she could see me studying it so i thought i'll be brave and ask if i can have a look. She very kindly came over and unlocked the door put on her gloves and took it out for me, I asked if i could hold it and she said "of course, there's a mirror over there". So i picked it up and modelled it and fell in love. Unfortunately i do not have the funds just yet for a bag :sad: As i was there and they had an Evelyne i asked if i could look at that too, i did and fell in love with that too :heart: I said to the SA that i couldn't afford a bag right now but hopefully in the near future. I then wandered over to the scarves and saw my favorite, Dancing Pearls in 2 or 3 different colourways. Lovely Sa asks me if i want to have a look i said i'd love to. So she takes them out and asks if i want to try them on, i told her i didn't have a clue how to wear one so she says i'll show you, and she proceeds to show me how to fold them and how to wear them. They were gorgeous, but still i do not have the funds right now for a large scarf. So then i ask to look at the Pocket squares, so she gets these for me and i pick out a few to look at, she shows me again how to fold them and how to wear them, she was just so lovely that i didn't have the heart to walk away with nothing (i guess thats what a good SA does) so i pick a pocket square, L'Annee Du Buffle in turquoise and fuchsia. she then showed me how to tie it to look like a rose type corsage, which i thought i'd never manage. She showed me twice and it really did look gorgeous. So i buy it and she gives me a scarf booklet of the A/W collection a perfume sample and she gives my mum a sample too, how sweet was that? All in all a very very pleasant experience :smile:
    I'm sorry for the long post about such a small purchase, but it really was wonderful, i mean everytime i asked to look at something it got smaller and cheaper, but the SA's enthusiasm didn't waiver. And i'm afraid there are no pictures as i do not have a camera suitable for the purpose but i hope you can imagine my joy at the experience and share my excitement. Thank you all for sharing :flowers:
    Sorry for the delay, had to do some house work!!
  12. It sounds like you had a wonderful day AND you came home with some H! Perfect. Congratulations, I have seen that pochette and it is gorgeous. :woohoo:
  13. ^That's such a nice story! Wear your new pocket square in good health :smile:
  14. Ah, sounds like you had a wonderful H experience in Harrods! Congrats on your pocket square!! :yes:

    Oh, what type of bag selection do they have in there? ;)
  15. littleblackbag, Congrats. :smile: