The best day ever at Coach!

  1. Well, today I decided to walk to the towne center near my sisters house here in San Diego. I walked around the TC bummed, because NOTHING I wanted was there. Well anyways I walked into Macys, and bumped into this lady who was looking at purses. She asked if I liked a purse and blahh blahh. I said I did -- but this other one was better. Anyways we looked at purses, and go "hey do you want to go to the Coach store down the mall?" She followed with "YEAH! I would LOVE to! I hate shopping and if seems like you love to do it." So we walked over blahh blahh -- I asked her what she wanted and her price range. She said she needed two bags a black one & a brown one. I go great!!! Price range? The sky was the limit! :yahoo: Even though it wasnt for me I was gonna have fun!

    Ok, so we got to the store, our eyes lit up! We looked at soo many bags! She ended up getting a Large Black Signature Carly and a Large Perforated Signature Carryall in chocolate brown! But thats not it!!!! She got a signature shawl in a creme color! a black mens wallet!! a mini skinny!! and the cutest cell charms with hearts!! We were at the register and she goes separate the cell charm and bag it. She paid and all THEN hands me a bag (The one with the charm!) She got it for me since I helped her and she saw it matched perfectly with my phone!!! I was like awwwwwww, then she goes lets get a drink! So we did!

    Blahh -- she's nice.

    I will post a pic of my new cell with the charm soon!

    I wish she did hand me the Carly though!
  2. Wow! That is so sweet of her! Can't wait to see pics.
  3. Oh my gosh, you have your very own Coach guardian angel! You are so lucky!

    You were so nice to help that lady choose her bags though, so I think this is karma. You deserve that charm!
  4. wowie!@
  5. Lucky You
  6. Very cool
  7. What an awesome story! Look at how Coach can bring people together! LOL!
  8. wow haha! what an awesome day, did you get her number after you guys parted? That was soo nice of her to buy you something, post pictures!! Damn how I wish I was in your shoes, and btw.. thats really nice of you to help her!
  9. Wow! That's so sweet of her!!! (I'm from SD wasn't UTC you were at was it? That mall tends to be a disappointment, but I can't hate it cuz it has a Coach store :love:)
  10. aw, that's so nice! i would love to be able to do that some day, just knowing how happy it would make someone!
  11. Awww!

    How sweet of her AND how sweet of you!!

    Glad you had fun!
  12. NO!!! hahaha thats ONE thing I wanted to do, because she was soo fun! but I didnt want to come off stalker-ishh. We would probably bump into each other once and awhile at the TC -- I bump into soooo many people there! eww its scary sometimes.

  13. I still havent been to UTC!!! I want to go sooo bad, but no one wants to take meee =[ It was the Otay Ranch Towne Center. I'm beginning to love that place, at first it was blaaaah -- but its a nice place to be chill at. Go there sometimes!
  14. finally.. total girls phone right? oh well. i love it.