the best clutch............

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  1. whats the best Hermes clutch? i am waitinng and hoping for a medor but i want to be appreciated
  2. I am interested in the answer to this also. I would think the Jige is great if you want one for more casual use
  3. Dress or casual?

    Where would you carry it?

    What would you like to fit in it?

  4. dont know maybe leaning dressy...............lipstick, phone, wallet
  5. Jpg?
  6. I think if you can work a medor it's fantastic. Look no further.

    Medor doesn't suit me but I love my JPG Kelly. It holds a surprising amount and can work for evening or day (with no meetings etc).
  7. I really want a Jige :tup:
  8. My vote would be the Kelly Longue....I saw a pic. in another thread and fell MADLY in love.
  9. Kelly Elan or Longue in box

    Jige in Croc...

    You have to like the hardware on the Medor...
    it's not for everyone...
  10. My vote goes to the Medor. There is nothing like it. Dressy, sexy, classy - but with a youthful edge.
  11. tried a kelly lounge yesterday. (I think chocolate box. or ebene). I was absolutely beautiful and sophisticated. I do feel the length is a bit too long for my frame.
  12. The kelly elongue is gorgeous but way too long unless you are a six footer IMO. I think a JPG Kelly Clutch in black box would be an elegant yet practical evening clutch (the short handle is useful feature). Not a clutch per se but another option is a 25 cm kelly or birkin.
    I have not seen the medeor so cannot comment.

  13. yes i have seen the kelly elongue...........i felt like i was carrying a portfolio. the jpg is too small..............i think a mini plume might be better for me now that i think about it. i like having my hands free for drinks and stuff!
  14. I'd have to say that I've never seen a more gorgeous clutch than shopmom's black box Kelly elan :drool:
  15. ^^ Yesss,... Thats the clutch to own!