The best clutch ever!

  1. I posted pics of the No Strings Clutch in Nickel/Sand that I bought from the sample sale. I'll go ahead and say, I've been a fan of this clutch since I saw it, but I would only buy it if I found a great deal on it, since my lifestyle doesn't give me an opportunity to get use of a clutch often. I had an evening event recently that gave me a use for it, so I packed it up and took it out for the night. It is by far - the best clutch ever! It's a little large for a clutch, but I love that it has the typical RM zipper pocket, and two open pockets on the opposite side. It's roomy enough to put a small wallet as well - I hate having to unpack the contents of my wallet only to be strewn loose in a clutch. I fit my wallet, phone, keys, compact, lipstick - and it didn't look crammed full.

    Anyway - enough of my pointless post. I just wanted to lend my thoughts in case anyone out there is on the hunt for a good clutch.
  2. Isn't it the best? I love how it expands to hold more, yet still doesn't look too large. It's also easy to carry under the arm or by hand. If only it came with loops to attach a chain to, so you could convert it to a shoulder bag if necessary
  3. I want the one YOU have fact, I think you should send it to me ASAP!!!!

  4. I'm with you I love this color combination. Perhaps one will surface for us though.
  5. Oh, I see how it is. I don't sign on for a night and you all are suddenly leering at my clutch? GET BACK, she's MY preciousssss! :p

    She is eggplant with eggplant suede. I haven't seen her long lost twin, but she does have a lot of sisters, whitewash/gold, black, pewter/eggplant, nickel/sand, lavendar/silver, and the funky one of the family, gold/sahara.
  6. i have the same clutch as mockinglee and i love it!! the color is awesome and u can wear it with anything. its great for the night life... I have to admit this is definately a favorite clutch of mine.. besides the alexis hudson caeser clutch in pinot snake. that one is great as well if anyone is interested in clutches!! I RECOMMEND BOTH!!! :smile: