the BEST chanel store!


i'm obsessed ...
Feb 1, 2008
i just have to say that i got connected to the Saks Fifth Avenue in Greenwich, CT, Chanel department and i was BLOWN AWAY!!!
i was hunting down a bag (found it!)
1. the staff is amazing! sooo nice and knowledgable. plus, not really pushy.
2. they have a super selection. they have the clothing in the same department so it's fun to see everything together.
3. they hooked me up!!! There is a gift card giveaway day on thursday (today!), so it is the perfect day to buy your bag (or whatever you want!)

it's a tiny little store, but i was really impressed.
i highly recomend giving them a call or stopping in!


Jan 10, 2007
bridi, congratulations on finding the bag of your dreams. More importantly you had a wonderful pleasurable experience, just the way it should be!