the BEST black pointy stilettos?

  1. Hi all
    what do you think the *best* black pointy stilettos are? i've had my BCBG girl "katchen" shoes (picture attached) for over a year. I love them, especially how the sides are a bit "slitted" which really gives a nice profile. but since i wear them practically every day at work, i was thinking of getting a new pair. I'm tempted just to buy the same ones again, but since practically every line has their version of this shoe, i thought i would ask what you guys thought? i loved Kate Winslet's pair in this month's issue of "in style" (where she has a coffee and is sitting outside on a bench)
  2. Manolos:[​IMG]
  3. Louboutin:[​IMG]
  4. For black pointy (affordable) stilettos, these Stuart Weitzman's are my faves.

    Although it's hard not to think of Charles David when it comes to stilettos. All the rest are CD's.



  5. For everyday shoes, I agree with shoeangel that Stuart Weitzman and Charles David are great for the money.
  6. ITA that Louboutin and CD have ~smokin~ stilettos!!!

    To mix it up a little bit, I got this pair of Narciso Rodriguez (spelling?) a few years ago and :heart: 'em! They're not super-duper high like I usually like 'em but I think the styling makes up for that:graucho:
    P1010028 smaller.JPG
  7. OO very nice Narcisos redney! They are very class!!
  8. I wish I had a job and needed a pair of these...I love them but wouldn't buy them right now.
  9. Those narcisos are gorgeous btw!:nuts:
  10. awww, thanks Minnie and nerdphanie! :shame: I love 'em too!! :love:
  11. :yes: great for the money! i love my stuart weitzman's! they are the perfect height for me
  12. Here is a pair from Guess. Great price and I love the cut.

  13. There are sooooo many wonderful black pointy stilettos it is hard to say which is best for me. Some of the ones I LOVE are Carrie from Guess (the side cut does wonders for making my feet look sexy), Peak from Charles David (the super pointy toes looks so HOT), Fever from Stuart Weitzman (LOVE the gold heels) and of course my super HOT Wickeds from Carlos Santana (with that wrap-around lacing they really are wicked too - LOL)... and last night I saw a girl at the mall in a pair of those Trends pumps with the strappy cut-out sides (kind of hard to describe - but I hoope you know what I mean) that looked so cute! I have just gotta get me a pair of those now!

    But I think my most recent "best black pointy stilettos" is these Cocktails from House of Dereon - I just LOVE the height (I dont wear less than 4 inch heels anymore - LOL) and shape of the heels. I think they are like "instant classics" with those heels and beautiful pointy toes (and the little bows are like so cute) - I mean like what more could a girl want from a pair of heels?

    HOD Cocktail.jpg