The Best Best BEST birthday present ever...ever!!!

  1. I just turned 19 today, and I'm a huge Chess fan. So me and the family were going shopping to get a few things for our trip (to go find my grandmas mothers fathers burial place in Spain, (long story)) and my dad just ordered me a chess set from LV!!!

    It's special order item made from exotic stone, and hand carved wood and all sorts. It's costing £7,000/ approx $14,000 to make and is going to take 9-12 months to "carve". I was so happy I...cried. :crybaby:
  2. Wow! your going to have to post pic's when you get it, i dont think i've ever seen one, Congrats and happy birthday!
  3. It looks like a briefcase, but smaller, when its closed. the outside is made of some posh wood from a corner of the world i've never heard of. It's like a mosaic of dark coloured wood, and light coloured wood. It closes with latches and looks like the "jewellery case" in monogram canvas on the LV UK site, under catalogue-women-luggae-monogram canvas, And it looks just like damier canvas pattern, but in wood. If that helps. When you open it inside, it follows the same damier canvas wood design, and has a special carved compartment for each chess piece. The chess pieces are handcarved black and white marble. Every single piece will have my inital carved into the base of it in tiny letters. The outside of the box is going to be engraved with my initials, and a message (which my dad hid from me, when he filled in the form) I can't wait, I am so excited....:yahoo:
  4. xhollieax, where in lancashire are you if you don't mind me asking. I'm in lancs too!!
  5. Near Preston ( how glamorous! ) what about you?
  6. And wow that sounds fab!
  7. IN preston!!! how cool is that. I'm assuming your LV Boutique is the manchester one?
  8. its in the birth of modern luxury book, i even have a magazine page of the set but it said like $20,000.00
  9. [​IMG]

  10. Wow! I would love to see pictures when u get it! Congrats.
  11. Oh wow Congratulations.
  12. Wow! Cool dad! Congrats!
  13. wow, Mattd, thats the one!!!! thats the picture that I saw in the boutique...

    Hold on...

    I heard the SA ask my dad for £7,000. And, obviously my dad paid...But don't you pay 1/3 of special order item when you order. And the rest when you collect. Doesn't that mean the thing is............

    £21,000........................./$42,000:confused1: :wtf: :nuts:
  14. 50% deposit! :smile: so I got $10500 for 7000 euros after I converted it so $21k @ the end is about right like the magazine says :smile:
  15. Wow, great!