The best bedding EVER!!!

  1. Sorry mods, didn't know where to put this.

    So anyways for anyone looking for nice bedding but at a reasonable price........I found it!

    It's Egyption cotton and super soft and I love it. It's a brand that only Macys carries called Style & Co. Right now there is a code for 20% off and free shipping.

    Codes are macysfriend & freeship or macysff (for both free ship & 20% off)

    BTW, buy online!! I say this cuz if you use these F&F codes online it gives you 20% off but if you use the coupon in the store, it only gives you 15% off. And since there's free shipping, you aren't spending anything more!!

    For some reason they aren't showing that they have the sheet sets in Cal King but they do. What you have to do is order the reg kind and when you get it, go into the store and swap it out for a cal king. Or go buy the cal king in the store now and the reg king online and when it comes in go get the price adjusted. For some reason it's ALOT cheaper to buy it online than in the store. Or you can try printing out the price sheet from online and seeing if they'll price match it in the store. They should but every SA is different so who knows. Or try calling to place your order and ask them if they have cal king in their warehouse.

    Anywho we have three different bed sets and I have no complaints with this brand!!

    Here is the link:*1*24*-1*-1&kw=Style%20%26%20Co&LinkType=EverGreen

    We have these:

    we never get the accent pillows but do have
    6 pillows on our bed. Two are the sheet set pillows
    and then the other 4 are the shams but we have one
    set of shams in a king pillow and one set in a standard.

    didn't get the yellow quilted stuff, this one if my fav cuz
    it's reversible w/different prints (so it's like 2 in 1)

    we don't have white sheets, we got the sheets from the
    next pic below, the honey dot spot sheets

  2. I just ordered the bedding in the second set of pics and I had a 20% off coupon (before F&F) and I was just looking over my invoice and something isn't right. The prices I paid were way cheaper than what's showing online even w/the 20% off. SO I just figured it out, they were 10% off the prices shown online then I got 20% off on top of that! And the prices shown online are already 20% off so I got them for:

    20% + 10% + 20% off which would be 50% but since they split it up it ends up being a tad less but DANG I got them for cheap!!
  3. Congrats on your new purchase! I looove nice bedding...when I moved out of my parents' home, I told myself when I made enough money I would buy myself really nice sheets and really nice towels (two things I never had growing up). I remember the first time I bought myself 1000 thread count sheets (on sale at overstock for $90)...I was in utter bliss. I never wanted to get out of bed. When I met my husband, he didn't think there would be much of a difference until he slipped into my bed, and the next day immediately bought a set for himself. There is nothing like great bedding!! :smile:
  4. ^ Absolutely!!! you use them everyday and oh what a difference good sheets make!! i do not buy frette sheets but i don't stinge on them either. i'd rather pay more for better sheets =)

    those style & Co ones look really cute!!!

    i'd get them if only i could get around to changing and washing my sheets every week=P

    i have a couple of sets right now and enough for me =P
  5. omg, I love the set in the 2nd picture!!!! :happydance: totally going over to to take a look now...:whistle:
  6. About to press the order button, but would like to know the thread count first??? :shrugs: any idea?
  7. the golden ones (last pic) are 300 thread count... so i think the blue ones would be as well?
  8. I never understood what thread count means but they are 300.

    Did you order them?? OMG, you will love them!! I slept on them last night (just got them Thurs) and it was great!!
  9. I was going to buy 550 thread count sheet set at Marshalls for 49.99. I love high thread count sheets and will never go back, but now I'm going to check overstock for 1000. I can't imagine how much bliss that will be. :heart:
  10. I've read that a thread count over a certain number (about 600) is meaningless. They are counting all the fibers in each twist to inflate the number. Don't know how true that is.

    About the Macy's sheets: since they took over my beloved Marshall Field's, it pains me to praise them, but I have some old Charter Club sheets I got from Macy's and they are still so soft and nice. I love them, but I think they are starting to finally show wear.

    What a deal--enjoy the smooth sleeping!
  11. i'm off to macy's today. i need to replace my memory foam topper on my bed (i'm such a wimp and can't sleep without it) and new sheets would be nice! thanks for the tip- i always end up buying sheets i hate!
  12. Kallison don't buy them in the store!! Unless you bring a print out of the prices, remember they are so much cheaper online and then you get 20% off for F&F online but only 15% in the store.
  13. i know...

    but, eh, there's the little problem with packages being delivered and the 'rents seeing them. they've apparently caught onto the fact that they're not all "for a friend" or "from a raok" . hehe. :whistle:
  14. ^ :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    UHmmm will they take the "BUT IT WAS SOOOOOOO CHEAP!!!" line?