The best beauty advice I ever received/learned was...

  1. Hello ladies.

    As I was going through my evening skin regimen, I reminded myself "whatever you do to your face, do to your neck".

    I was wondering what beauty advice others had received.

    Thanks for sharing!:kiss:
  2. "Always fill in your 'brows".. I have pictures that my foundation and eye makeup looked flawless in.. but my 'brows didn't match. Unless I'm just not wearing makeup that day.. I always fill them in.
  3. Blend blend blend. And if you're rushed for time and don't have time to blend, don't apply it!
  4. Buy foundation for the lighting you'll be in the most. Doesn't always have to be the best under natural light. So if you're going to be indoors a lot, use a foundation that looks good under the fluorescent lights.
  5. These are all so good!!! I'm taking notes :smile:
  6. When working with your under eye area either applying creme or concealer always pat in or buff but never drag it under your under eye.
  7. Life is too short to be bland, have fun with colour with the right technique and confidence, it can be pulled off.

    Lips -
    lip liner, line fill. Lipstick, apply, blot excess really well and apply for a second time, makes it last and it doesn't move.

    Mascara - put mascara on an eyelash brush and apply several coats, leaves no clumps and makes it look naturally thick, plus it gives a lot of control when trying to apply to the bottom lashes.

    Blush/contour/highlight - I do it after my liquid foundation and before my setting powder, it lasts all day for me.

    White pencil or highlight cupid's bow for poutier looking lips, also on the middle of the lips or a lighter shade for fuller looking lips.
  8. My mother always said to softly pat your face and neck dry with your towel after washing, never wipe or pull at the skin :smile:
  9. Don't micromanage your brows; you don't need to pluck everyday or always do it in a 20x mirror. It's helped me to maintain a fuller, more natural shape than before :cool:
  10. Brows really frame your face & give it dimension so its important they are well groomed
    & if they need to be filled in do that

    Mascara, lipstick & good healthy looking skin work..

    I'm not big on heavy foundation

    I prefer a sheer veil of color on my face
  11. Leftover eye serum/cream sitting on your fingertips.. don't wipe with kleenex but pat it on your lips. Your lips wrinkle too, believe it or not!

    ETA: The two areas of your face that don't produce oil (aka lack oil glands) are your undereye area and lips. Hence products made for under the eyes prove effective for lips as well! :smile:
  12. because that type of application makes it look better, or because the dragging action is bad for the thinner skin there?

    just curious.
  13. Tightline. It will make a world of difference.
  14. Prime everything. (foundation, eye, even lip sometimes.)

    if I don't put primer on my skin before my foundation goes, then it's like the foundation doesn't even last me 3 hours.
  15. My mom says so too. And ALWAYS moisturize, every day, twice a day.