The best BBag to start with?

  1. Hi all :flowers: I normally reside in the LV forum, but lately I feel a need to satisfy my purse itch with something other than LV for once. I recently ordered a different brand bag thats on its way to me, but I can't stop staring at the gorgeous leather of balenciaga. So I was wondering what would be the best bag to start with - and color wise too! I am lacking a black, winter white, red, brown, and some other brighter colors in my bag wardrobe, and also I would be open to a preloved bag. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :shame:

  2. I think most people got their first Balenciaga in either FIRST or CITY... FIRST is a small purse that doesn't hold much. But it's the signature motorcycle style and looks great carried either on the shoulder or arm.

    CITY carried a lot more and is extremely versatile. If you're not petite, CITY's a great style! A lot of bbag owners own more than a few of this style.

    DAY is awesome if you are particularly fond of the hobo style. It looks a bit more casual than most bbags.

    Hope this helps! Can't wait to have another LV convert to Balenciaga! j/k!
  3. Hm, then perhaps I will look into a city. Thank you so much for the help!
  4. for sure go for the city... prefect everyday bag... a black city is a classic.
  5. I am a new Bal convert, from LV, and I just got a City in lovely ink! I agree with those above, the city is a great size bag, I love it because I can fit papers in it. It looks great full or almost empty, it slouches so wonderfully!

    I'm thinking red or some other bright color would be great for you! I went to Balenciaga because I felt a need for more bright colors in my collection, and LV doesn't have that much (besides vernis stuff, but I didn't want a whole bag in vernis). I have my eye on some of the bright stuff coming up in spring '08!
  6. Black city:tup:
  7. Another vote here for a gorgeous black city!
  8. My first bag was a black First. LOVE her!!!
  9. I am new to Balenciaga also (have a few LVs). I would start with the city. I am petite but the city size is great. The first is gorgeous but might be a tad bit small for many. I also purchased a twiggy which is another style you might want to look into. I have not used mine yet since I got two city bags and my first in a relatively short period of time.
  10. i love see all these new balenciaga converts. yipee! for the your first b-bag, i would go with a neutral color you know would work with your wardrobe. if you are into the bigger bags then go for the city style. if you are into the smaller bags then the first style is the best. these two styles are classic. good luck!
  11. I'm newish to Balenciaga too. My first B bag was a first, then I got a city. I don't really carry a lot, so both sizes work for me. My last 2 bags were cities.

    As for color, I think Balenciaga has some of the most fun colors in leather out there. I just got a violet and a jaune (marigold), but there are gorgeous reds, greens and blues.
  12. i just got my first bbag today! black first. it is gorgeous. the leather is TDF. but now i think i need a city as well
  13. My first BBag was a City in mastic but I returned it, and ended up keeping my Violet First. I LOVE that bag and use it all of the time.
    I just got a City in Black and a Mystery Brown( i think sienna?)
    I don't carry that much, so the First was great.
    i was carrying a Chloe Paddington and it is gorgeous, but heavy and I never filled it up because then I would have back pain for sure
    Let us know what you end up with and post pics too!
  14. I'm really loving the winter white color - i think its called ivory bone? She's absolutely gorgeous!

    I think its the simplicity of the leather that's attracting me - there's no big logos (sorry LV, I still love you though!) and it can go with anything.

    However, I think that a bbag may be a little out of my price range at the moment. I'll continually hunt eBay for a good find - but I couldn't stop thinking about a city bag all of last night!
  15. Black city for sure!!!