The Best Bag? :) y'all are experts.

  1. I've noticed a lot of new members are wanting authentication advice. :smile:
    I don't need any of that right now :smile:

    I'd really like to hear some discussion about the hottest (and or) best (and or) most practical bags that are within a reasonable price range.

    I love love love purses (like all of you I'm sure) But I used to work at an upscale department store and I was always overwhelmed by the handbags. I never chose the RIGHT bag to buy.

    I'm looking to buy an investment bag that I can carry for a long time but is still hot. HELP! :smile:
  2. Louis Vuitton Mono Speedy 30 is the perfect classic bag

    Welcome!!!! Just a warning this place is evil on your bank account!!!!
  3. Welcome :wlae:
  4. hi there..
  5. yep, the speedy is a classic. welcome!!
  6. It depends on who you ask (hottest bag), but Welcome and Happy New Year. BTW, I love the Bottega Sloane.
  7. Thank you all for the advice! :smile: You're right. I probably couldn't go wrong with the speedy or the Bottega Sloane. In a year or so I might be able to go for either one of those! Got any suggestions for something under $500? I know it's pushing it!! ;)
  8. I say Speedy 35, not 30. For me 35 is really a more practical size. Or a Kooba, although the ones I like (Carla and Ginger) don't zip at the top.
  9. Depends on what you consider a reasonable price range . . . I am loving the Rebecca Minkoff MAM right now!
  10. YSL Downtown bag
  11. Welcome to tpf! I can say you'll end up with more than just an investment bag if you stay here :graucho:
  12. Gerard Darel Drape, 24 houres size. LOVE it!!!
  13. Its kind of hard to buy a nice bag for $500, I find that I can't find a nice bag for anything under $1,500.

    I guess you could go for coach though since its pretty cheap but coach bags are not investments because they don't hold their value! if you want something that can hold its value then you would have to go for LV, Hermes or Chanel.
  14. ^I wholeheartedly disagree about the not being able to "find a nice bag under $1500"

    Yesterday, I was browsing Nordstrom's handbag department and scurried over to feel the Burberry Manor handbag which I have never before felt. Dismayed by the quality of leather (it was ok, but I kind of expected something monumental for a 2K bag), I got to thinking that some, if not most of my bags are not only constructed of top-notch exquisite leather and craftsmanship, they are also under 1K. Actually, well below 1K. I no longer buy bags for the sake of the name or brand, I buy for quality, namely leather quality. Take a look at Rebecca Minkoff bags. While leathers differ on her line, the large majority of her bags have super soft, extremely touchable leathers, and the bags are supremely constructed, and IMO the quality supersedes my Marc Jacobs collection bags, and other higher-end brands.

    Anyhow, my main point here is that you dont need to buy an LV, a Hermes, or a Chanel bag, if you are looking for quality or even higher resale value. There are legions of bags out there that can and will fit the bill!:yes:


    p.s. oh yeah i beat the other BE-ers to the punch! :yahoo: