The best bag in each print?

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  1. If you could only pick one bag from each of the 3 prints: (Mono, DE, DA) which ones stand out? :girlsigh:
  2. I don't go to the beach so no beach bag.
  3. I'm sorry... you lost me on your post. :confused1:
  4. It depends on your budget &'s hard to answer your question. :sad: I love the Speedy & Neverfull in all 3 prints. Aside from those...DE Trevi PM, DA Galliera PM, Mono Artsy. I hope that answers your question.
  5. Ok, if there was no budget. I'm saying, let's pretend here and of course it's everyone's preference, but which bags look better in which print is all I'm asking. :smile:
  6. So sorry, lol! I misread your thread.

    Mono- Galliera GM
    Azur- Galliera GM
    Ebene- Galliera PM

  7. I think I answered your question. :biggrin:

    DE Trevi PM
    DA Galliera PM
    Mono Artsy
  8. Speedy in all three prints!!!
  9. +1.
  10. Eva, regular Pochette, speedy and NF !
    All practical and all beautiful in all 3 prints !!!
  11. mono - delightful MM
    DA - Siracusa MM
    DE - Bloomsbury GM (Im biased - my favorite!)
  12. I like the speedy in all prints, but my favourite would have to be ebene. For monogram, I like it on the neverfull and for azur, I like it on the galleria. :biggrin:
  13. De: the best is Trevi and Eva.
    Azur: Evora
    Mono: speedy and artsy
  14. Im still waiting for your Galliera Family Pic ;)
    I have been dreaming of the Ebene :heart:
  15. Mono - Delightful GM
    Azur - Stressa/Galliera
    Damier Ebene- EVERYTHING and Anything :heart: ( im biased) :giggles: