The Best Bag for Me? (A LV Newbie)

  1. I have been obsessing over the Tivoli GM, but I am also drawn to the Popincourt Haut.

    I prefer a bag that goes over my shoulder, but I am now thinking the Tivoli GM will be too big for me? I do like big bags sometimes, but generally I only carry: a checkbook wallet, small planner, small makeup bag, change purse, cell phone, and my keys.

    Which would you choose for a first time Louis Vuitton owner?

    Do you have the Popincourt Haut? Would it be possible to see some modeling pics?
    I've seen the Tivoli over and over again in picture posts as I've been obsessing for the past month...
    lvTivoli.jpg lv_popin.jpg
  2. I'd say Popincourt Haut if you don't really carry that much on a day to day basis..
  3. I love the look of the Tivoli!
  4. I like the Tivoli best. If you fear it's too big, than you should try on the PM and see how that looks. Sorry, not a fan of the Popincourt.
  5. I just started using my TivoliGM and LoVe it. I do not carry a lot. Wallet, eyeglass case, small makeup case, keys and cellphone and small datebook,
  6. I love the look of the Tivoli but it seems the Popincourt Haut is more fit for your needs!
  7. Tivoli !!! try on the smaller sizes PM and MM...and think about the GM you never know what you can throw in one day! More space..better than limited space.
  8. I LOVE the look of the Tivoli... whereas the Popincourt just seems so plain.
  9. Definitely give the Tivoli PM a try! It has PLENTY of room and I carry a lot! But this is a hand-held or arm held bag----not a shoulder bag.
    I :love: my Tivoli!!!

    Welcome to tPF---you'll LVoe it here!
  10. Wow. That's good to hear.

    I carry around the same as you do. You don't find the Tivoli GM too big?
  11. Does the Tivoli come in MM?

    I was shying away from the PM because it wasn't a shoulder bag, but the PM is adorable. The picture I attached was of the PM. I DO like it.
  12. tivoli!
  13. have you thought about getting the batignolles vertical?? If you like the popincourt, you might want to try this one as well. I like the PH too but decided to get the BV instead cuz it's not as structured. It was more comfortable on my arm and to carry under my arm, KWIM?

    I didn't like how hard/stiff the PH was compared to the BV.

    But of the two you posted about, I'd get the tivoli if you could cuz they are sold out everywhere!!
  14. Tivoli only comes in GM and PM.
  15. I have the PH and it was my first bag. I do love her! I admit I don't carry much around in my bag (though I do have a diaper bag). Everywhere I go I always get compliments. And, I've never seen anyone else carrying the same bag.

    I do really like the BH and tivoli though. My next bag will be either one of those. Probably the tivoli because it's so different from my plain PH. Although I do love the orbs on the PH!