The best bag for a guy?

  1. Hi!:welcome:

    I'm a guy from Belgium and I whas wondering which bag by Louis Vuitton is the most suitable for a normal guy?

    I know there are some lines out (by ex. taïga) for men only but I don't like them...
    I prefer the mono line because it matches my keepall's and stuff.

    I own a Montsouris GM, and other bags by Prada, etc...

    But I really don't like these bags, they're too "girly"...

    Please help me

  2. welcome to the Forum :smile: if you prefer Mono Canvas, then it'll only either be the Abbesses or the Carryall. otherwise, i'd recommend Damier Olav MM or one of the new Damier Melvilles :yes:
  3. The new Melville's are nice, and if you like Mono then perhaps anything from the Bosphore Family. The Utah line also has many great bags designed and targeted for men. You should go to or and see others bags you may like.
  4. The Messenger Melville is amazing IRL. It has easier access than the Broadway... with the Broadway, you have to fight with the buckles in order to get them open.... hahaha...

    Bags I recommend:
    Taiga Alexei
    Utah Wichita [This still has pockets with buckles, but you won't have to fight with them as much]
    Taiga Dersou
  5. I carry the monogram Abbesses every day and love it.
  6. the damier bastille is also nice but since you like monogram, i'd go with the abbesses. i was really stoaked on the broadway but went to the store and saw how bulky it is. i didn't really want something as structured
  7. I'd say:
    Mono abbesses
    Damier bastille
    Damier Geant Messager of Compagnon
    Utah wichita or omaha
  8. I like the GM Bosphore the most.

    ben je nederlandstalig?
  9. if you like monogram I reccomend doing something masculine to it, for example get your initials painted in your favorite color on the bag, or getting some nice colored stripes painted on the bag. I assure you will enjoy it!
  10. hi! i'm new at this forum and i quite don t know enough about louis vuitton. my mother bought 4 me a damier canvas wallet and now i want to buy a messenger bag... and i m wonderin which? does the line of the bag have to match with the line of the wallet? i saw some pics of the "bastille" and i totally adored it! i d like to hear your opinions.
  11. No, of course it doesn;t have to match. You should get the one that you like. B/c you have a Damier Canvas, it will look really nice with a canvas that is simple like the Taiga, Epi, or Utah (Especially Utah) That would look real GOOD.

  12. Jazeker :supacool:

  13. Yes I would like to let something paint on a wallet or something, or on a bag.
    How much does it cost and how long does it take?

  14. I LOVE the Geant Damier!!! it fits great to a guy!
  15. thnk u NYC-TOKYO!!!! Yyour piece of advice was really valuable to me! :smile: