Travel The Best and Worst Airlines ??

Jan 23, 2006
My favourite Airline is British Airways they have the best snacks, large comfy seats. A big selection of movies, lots of leg room, and a smooth checking in service.

My Worst Airline is Delta they are never on time, the seats, even in business class are uncomfortable, they have lost my luggage a couple of times, and are always over booked. :Push: oh !! boring snacks seems to be their specialty.

Whats you're Best and Worst Airline ?
My best is Singapore Airline - They are the first that have on demand movie and you can play game as well.

Of coz worst one is Southwest, I hate when the flight is full you have to find your own seat and sit separate from your companion.
KLM is my least favorite.. they've had me stuck in several cities for DAYS.. I am never flying KLM again. The attendants are rude..
North West are not part of my favorites either...

I am partial to Scandinavian Airlines, they are so service minded, the planes are always clean and "designed".. And they serve good and healthy food ,which is a big plus. It also feels close to home :love:
I have had good experiences with United's cross Atlantic flights, they have good service.
My best is definitely American Airlines I love flying business or first class with them they have really good service.
Worst is Southwest I once flew from LA to San Diego and it was awful they treated me like sh**t. sorry for the vulgar language:biggrin:
I really like Japan Airlines. I love the selection of movies, snacks are great, and service is good.

I do NOT like Dragonair (HK's airline). The seats are crappy and cramped. It was deathly claustrophobic. Although we did get excellent food.

And I also hate Continental! The service is horrible there!
Alitalia sucks!!!!!!!! They permitted people to smoke in the restrooms from our flight from Rome to NJ. I was SOOOO pissed! I was pregnant w/ the twins and sitting bulkhead - right next to the smoke filled pottys:evil:
We kept complaing and they pretended to care . . .:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
American is *okay* they're chronicly late though. And we were on a Continental flight that started filling w/ smoke. They turned around and landed then pretended there was a problem at the destination airport and we KNOW for sure they never reported it to the FAA.
SW is actually pretty good IMO for the price you pay. It's dirt cheap and we always get good service albeit NO FRILLS. But we don't get anythiing great in 1st Class on American either.
I have never really had that bad experiences... but if I had to say one it would be Delta. One of the attendants had a snappy attitude towards passengers and I didn't like the seats either...

I love Finnair, which is the Finnish top airline. The attendants are super nice and attentive. The seats are perfect and the food isn't bad. And the schedules almost never fail :amuse:
For the most part I fly American firstclass and it's a pleasure. I've flown on Jet Blue several times and for the money it is not bad. I just brown bag a nice lunch and it's fine. There have never been any delays or problems. I hate Soutwest.
Lately, unless you're in first or business class, they ALL suck - I think they especially treat women travelling alone horribly! The best airline I ever flew on is Singapore Air - and let's face it, I don't go that far away everyday - I'm flying AA to Paris soon and every year I take the same flight over and back - not because I like AA (pretty bad) but because it just flys where I want to go, when I want to go and leaves from Miami Int'l. Sometimes you really don't have a choice.
I love Air France. The seats are great, the food is great, and the flight attendants are very professional.

I hate Air Tran. I have flown with them twice and both times I was stuck in the airport for hours due to "mechanical difficulties." Never again.
I think I have to say SAS is the best, they have okay planes and fly from where I am to where I want to go. They also have cheap fares (at least with the discounts I'm entitled to as a student) which is always a plus. The least favorite is norwegian low-price company Norwegian, I flew it once, and there was almost no space between the seats and combined with being full of people (which I can't hold against them really) it really wasn't good for my claustrophobia.