The best and the worst LV store?

  1. I just got to thinking how much I love my LV store; Valley Fair (Santa Clara, CA). Everyone is so nice, very outgoing and friendly.

    I travel alot and when ever I travel I make it a point to seek out the LV stores. In all my travels I have not found a store as good as my close by, 'home base' Valley fair.

    My second place would be the LV in Manila (Philippines). They were very friendly and outgoing there. I loved that the kept trying to give me catalogues everytime I came into the store...seasonal ones and the Le catalogue, sometimes here in the states, it's like pulling teeth to get them!

    The worst has to be South Coast Plaza (Orange County, CA)...horrible customer service everytime I have been there. A close second Ceasers Las Vegas.

    I am so exited Valley Fair is expanding soon and we will be getting an even bigger and better store! Yahoo!

    What about you...what's your best and worst???
  2. best for me is ala moana and waikiki. i don't spend a whole lot at both, but i get great treatment every time.

    worst: so far LV at copley in boston. i've been ignored a few times, even was carrying LV too!
  3. Fav. Wynn @ Las Vegas
    Least. Rodeo Dr. ignored a couple of times prob because I went in during rush hour.
  4. The Fav ones are Beverly Center and Hollywood and Highland. :tup::tup:

    The worst (of the worst) is South Coast Plaza. Booo:tdown:
  5. Favorites: Pioneer Place Oregon, Ngee Ann City Singapore, South Coast Plaza (Bloomingdales), and Downtown Seattle

    Least Favorite: South Coast Plaza (the other store)!!! arrogant SA with innocent look!
  6. Best: LV in Nuremberg, Germany

    Worst: LV in NM in Tysons Corner, VA

  7. Almost all stores I've been to have given me a super nice experience, except Copenhagen. What sometimes annoy me, but really isen't a mistake on the store or the SAs part is if it's super busy and you get stressed, which often happens in departement stores like in Harrods and Galleries LaFayette.

    My favourite stores would be Oslo and Bond street, probably because thoe are the ones I've used the most. :p Bond Street is DEFINETLY my favourite in the UK though.
  8. Like Caley, I too think that the Copley Store in Boston has some very rude SAs. I wouldn't even say very rude, they are extremely rude. I remember one time I had a problem when I bought my Abbesses in June and when I got home I noticed that on the inside the stitching was crooked. So I wanted to exchange it for another one. I wanted my bag to be "somewhat near perfect." So I went in and they started giving me attitude saying that it wasn't a defect and they couldn't do anything about it. I told the girl to go and get her manager and he was as sassy as she was... atleast he exchanged my bag though. I ended up getting a display piece though since they didn't have anymore Abbesses'.
  9. My Favs: NYC 59th St. Flagship store & Short Hills, NJ

    My Worst: Herald Square 32nd St. Macy's LV in NYC & Garden State Plaza Mall LV
  10. Carmel, Valley Fair & Palo Alto, CA. Carmel is teeny-tiny but they're so friendly there. The service seems very personal even though I imagine I'm not a big $$$ spender. Palo Alto - all very nice including the manager. The peeps at Valley Fair, even over the phone, try to be helpful & accomodating.

    Never really had a bad experience in LV. But I've read some stories about South Coast on tpf PLUS I've overheard other LV SA's complain about them, too (yikes, what must they be like???).
  11. i was just at the LV store in Saks at the North Star Mall in San Antonio, TX. I don't know if it's just Southern hospitality or whatever, but the SAs there were SUPER-nice and very helpful. I've only been to one other LV store, the one on Rodeo Drive, and although that one was huge we were basically ignored the entire time (seemed like you have to get in line to get an SA to help). it was funny, that store had more security guards than SAs...
  12. like: DFS LV...very warm n friendly atmosphere and sweet sweet SA who will go the extra step to make your shopping experience wonderful!

    dislike: ngee ann city LV...they walk past you like you don't exist. They dun bother to serve. They r a complete snob...
  13. Hm, this is kinda depressing. I think both my LV boutiques in Vancouver (Fairmont & Holt's) are pretty bad in terms of customer service. I have been preferring Holt's lately. I've been to the one on Bloor in TO but they didn't blow me away either.
  14. Overall Likes: Wynn botique Las Vegas (Such a nice manager), Palo Alto, Fashion Valley San Diego

    Has some great SAs: Union Sqaure San Francisco, Bloomingdales SF.

    Bleh store with only one great SA so far: South Coast Plaza
  15. For me:

    Best I've ever experienced: Emporium Mall, Bangkok (invited to secret VIP room, served evian water and Le Notre biscuits, given extra boxes and catalogues)
    Worst I've ever experienced: Ngee Anne City Singapore(had to queue, ignorant SAs)