The best and most versatile white flap for your money?

  1. Would it be the classic jumbo caviar in white or the Reissue 2.55 in white? And WHY?

    I think I like the caviar better but I wanted opinions. I am totally new to Chanel flap bags. I only know about Cambon. LOL

    If it helps my dress attire is kinda all over the place. I mainly dress business casual (skirts, sweater sets, slacks, spring/summer dresses). Sometimes a suit but by the end of the day the jacket is off. (so its mainly a shirt and slacks) On days off I always wear jeans and dress my tops up or down depending on where I'm going.

    I never wear a coat b-cuz I live n Texas and its hot as hell. Coats come out maybe a few times a year. So the length of the straps are not an issue. As long as I can get wear it on my shoulder.
  2. I really love the jumbo caviar flap so it gets my vote.
  3. Me too!
  4. I would say Reissue 2.55 in white......the reason why? I think its looks better ...and white 2.55 reissue are harder to locate...
  5. i had purchased the med white caviar and the jumbo black caviar before the price increase and i returned the jumbo... REGRETS REGRETS... its absolutely BEAUTIFUL especially in white.

    i wanted to exchange the white in jumbo but i purchased the clutch, tote, med flap and retro flap all in white... duh...
  6. Thanks everyone.

    Any other thoughts, opinions?
  7. OMG, that's a TOUGH one!!! :shrugs:

    I don't think you can go wrong with either of them...they're both TDF!!! :love: :love:

    Good luck with your decision Iluvbags!!!
  8. White caviar jumbo. Its more durable and can be worn in all weather. I wouldnt want to get a reissue wet in the rain.
  9. white jumbo caviar: it fits more, is more durable, and has that fabulous signature "CC" clasp...................the way i think, if i am spending that much on a purse, i want a logo very obvious ! :p :woohoo:
  10. I love both, but the reissue is a more edgy, hip look IMO. I think it would dress up and down more easily.

  11. LOL.:roflmfao:
  12. white jumbo classic flap....good the double interwined CC look instead of the re-issue "squarish" look...

    That's also the resaon y i didn't get the diamond shine range...becos of the "squarish" lock....look

  13. Good point. Its bag enough that I run from the rain with my LV's. Don't want to have to run with a Chanel too:push: