"The Best Advice My Father Gave Me"

  1. You know, I can't remember specifically any "words" of advice my father gave me, but he set an example by living his life with tremendous integrity.
  2. My father never gave me any advice because he is of a different generation when men kept their feelings to themselves. It caused me some grief growing up but I can honestly say that I love and admire my father very much and am always honored when people tell me we are alike.
  3. He taught me to play chess. The moves, the consideration that goes into each play, the strategy, the analytical thinking, the concentration... all of those things have been invaluable to me. The first time I won I felt like crying. It was like the passing of the torch to the nest generation...
  4. My dad also has given me an example by living. But a lot of the advice he's given me was to never underestimate myself... And don't settle for being mediocre.

    He's a real big pusher as he worked his way from the ground up. Now he is very successful and he is not ashamed to tell me about the hardships that he endured to get there.

    I think my dad is a very strong man and he makes me proud!
  5. enjoy every moment.
    (he almost died of leukemia)
  6. Master a good handshake. It is so valuable in business.

    Be nice to everyone you come across in the business world -- you never know when you might meet up with that person again and they may be your boss someday!

    My dad also maintains a tremendous sense of humor with just about anything, even with his declining health and struggles with Parkinson's. He is my absolute treasure.
  7. To be giving and always help others in need.
  8. This too shall pass. It always helps me feel better. And to always get back up on the horse when you fall off. I have a huge amount of respect for my Dad, having built a very successful business from the ground up, working hard both mentally and physically, and still doing it today. He doesn't even have to now, but he does, no matter what. I try hard to be the same way when it comes to what I do and when it comes to working with him in his business.
  9. He's not really an advice giving sort of guy, but I think he's set me a good examle by getting a good job and providing for his family.
  10. What a sweet thread.

    My dad is such a hero to me and has taught me:
    *Do not settle for a bad relationship, he and my mom have been married 50+ years and they adore each other

    *A Gentleman will stand when a lady enters a room, holds the door for her, holds her chair and always opens the car door (I even got my Brooklyn-born husband to become an almost-Southern gentleman)

    *People treat you the way you let them

    *Hold on loosely to material things, all of our blessings come from God and are ours to GIVE GIVE GIVE

    *God bless America, but only buy foreign cars

    *Don't smoke, drugs are bad, boys are often bad news, read the paper, get your oil changed when you are supposed to, balance your checkbook and vote

    As you can see...my dad is a wise man. :heart::heart::heart:
  11. stick with beer and wine, stay away from the fruity stuff

    he is a man of few words, but works hard and is a tremendous success
  12. The best advice from my dad (rest his soul) is:
    righty-tighty- lefty-loosey. I will always remember this in order to loosen or tighten things.
    My dad was very humorous to me and found humor in everything. Even when he suffered from a major stroke, which left him unable to speak. He would still laugh at things.
  13. He gave me lots, but the best was:

    "Never allow yourself to be bullied. If other kids are beating up on you, make a tight fist and hit them as hard as you can, right on the bridge of the nose, preferably in front of a lot of other kids. If you do this right, it will be the first and the last fight you ever have to get into..."

    He was right.
  14. When asked what was the best thing about his life, he said "vacation." I always make time for vacation with my family.

    Also, he told me that a parent always loves his child more than the child loves his parent. Bittersweet - as a daughter and a parent now.