The Berkley is Gorgeous Now help me decide which one

  1. Had both in my hands today, can not pick up until tomorrow. Had decided on the azur, but now not sure which one
    The Bag is just Wow
  2. Go with Azur!!! I'm sure that one will sell out faster.
  3. Azur!!!
  4. Azur!!! Don't forget to post pics!!!
  5. Definitely Azur! Can't wait for pics!!
  6. I vote for azur too! Can't wait to pick mine up soon!
  7. Azur again, I just think this bag looks prettier in that colour.
  8. I'm starting to love azur more and more. What other pieces do you have in your collection already? I love variety.
  9. None in either damier, have been looking for an azur bag, but it looks great in both that is my problem

    MY LV collection
    vintage wallet and eyeglass case (not sure of name around 30 yrs old)
    speedy 30 mono
    lockit horizontal
    bag. horizontal
    cabo mezo
  10. Hmm I feel out of the loop in saying this but go with regular Damier!!! I think it looks better, but that's just my opinion!
  11. Def AZUR!
  12. I called the LV number..they r CLUELESS.
    They said they arent in stock yet....ROFL...SIGH...Anyone know which stores got them already.....
  13. Y'know I don't care for light colored bags but I DO love the berkeley in the azur better! Gorgeous!
  14. Originally I wanted azur for sure, but that was before I got my speedy. I am WL'd for both. I guess I will wait to check them out.
  15. What is the final price on these bags in the states ???? TIA !!