The Berkeley is showing up on!!!

  1. AHHHH i think this is the 'sporty bag', omfg it is gorgeous! :nuts: IM going to have a heart attack!!!!!! OK i want one! I want the azur!!!
    Its showing as not available but i think thats will change by tom!:yahoo: How much is this bag supposed to be?!
    Check it out girlies xx:supacool: IM in:heart:
  2. Oh i really like it.
  3. It is gorgeous!
  4. I love it! Does anyone know the retail?
  5. ok im jumping up and down in my room!!! If this is in my budget i dont care im in LV at 9am tom! xx
  6. And a eugenie wallet is showing up, like the Marilyn bags, V pretty! ahh soo excited!
  7. :wtf: WOW i LOVE it!!!!
    Eee they are both SO pretty!
    i want both
    Tell me if our boutique are going to get any in soon please :love:
    Tyvm for the info :smile:
  8. this is really nice. how much does it costs?
  9. I don't see it, what section is it in?
  10. ok and theres a whole lot of new jewelry on there! OMG they are soo pretty! I want the sweet monogram ring!
  11. tink its in UK xx in damier
  12. Omgg i want it all The new jewlery is TDF!
  13. Wow, Berkeley is GORGEOUS! I want one in Ebony and maybe one in Azur.
  14. I like the Berkeley. I hope the bottom isn't as wide as the Hampstead!
  15. Here are pics:

    The wallet comes in Mono, MC and Epi :nuts: