THE "belted buckle hobo" flat brass caramel on EBAY!

  1. Hi ladies .... S/S '02 caramel "belted buckle hobo" on ebay right now ..... isn't it GORGEOUS ???? :yes:;) Item # 6888922358 !! Good luck ... :flowers:
  2. oh it's yummy!!!!:love:
  3. Yes, very pretty! Good luck to the winner on this beautiful bag! :graucho:
  4. I don't like it. But goodluck to those who do and bid.
  5. Allison, do you not like B bags in general, or just this one?
  6. just this one. I own a City and a Twiggy.
  7. ^ hey rock, that black one is completely different than the caramel!

    You guys, I have this bag (not my auction) - and it is the most incredible leather (seriously, you would not be able to believe it until you see it) and style! It really is for a true Balenciaga collector -- and anyone who is fascinated with their history. There are just so many intricate 'old' details, the leather, the old mirror, the old zippers, the old tag, sueded tassles, etc....... and it looks so fabulous on (I need to upload my photos of me wearing it!)

    so if you truly love Balenciaga and the history like me -- jump on this baby, because they really only come up once in a blue moon!
  8. It is beautiful! Thanks for all the great info. on this Mimi!
  9. DOH! Sorry girls...I got confussed.
  10. I would love to see pics of it on, MIMI!!
  11. ^ yeah! I'm going to get the laptop ready and upload them... ;)
  12. which bag are you referring to mimi? the black or the caramel?
  13. ^ the caramel belted buckle bag!!!!!