The Belt Club!

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  1. Please post modeling pics of your belts here!

    Anyone have any modeling pics of the suhali belt? I particularly want to see that one! :nuts:
  2. Here's an old pic of my black multi-

  3. cute! I'd love to see pix of perfroated belt, think one tPFer got it a while back in vachetta, wonder how's the color doing now? :drool:
  4. My LV belts
    belts lv 2.jpg belts lv1.jpg :flowers:
  5. I am not sure if you meant me, but I happen to own that belt.
    I bought it last year in February and only wear it occasionally. When I don't use it, I store it in my wardrobe, so it won't patina too fast.
    Albeit being a very nice belt, it's a real pain in the *** to look after. Going to the bathroom, washing food/hands under a tap, sitting on a new chair have suddenly become potentially dangerous situations. I am not a fan of Shining Monkey, so I never sprayed my belt, meaning it had some water spots on it. To even them out, I had my belt "tan" on my (sunny) balcony for a few weeks last summer.
    However, after reading about the miracle that is the Mr.Clean eraser I tried that; it erased all the watermarks, but dried out the leather as well, making it greyish and wrinkly. I had to use a leather lotion to "moisturise" it afterwards. Anyway, the residue from the eraser clogged the perforations, so I had to use a needle to free all the tiny holes.
    At the moment, the colour of the belt is a light honey colour, I will take a picture soon.
  6. Mongram Canvas belt with engraved square silver buckle (discontinued):
  7. Damier Canvas belt with engraved silver square buckle (discontinued):
  8. Vachetta Perforated belt size 30 (still available):
  9. Jeans 45 w/ black calfskin belt, Inventeur buckle w/ Utah leather belt, LST buckle w/ brown glacé leather belt:

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  10. Great pics, everyone! :tup:
  11. Glacé initiale

    I also have pix of my dad's Damier belt, but it's on my PC at home
  12. I have the monogram Cherry Blossom one. I don't really know why they call it that, it doesn't have CB's on it. :confused1:
    Will post a pic later, I thought I had one, guess not.
  13. I think they call it that because it is the actual monogram from the blossom but there isn't any of the flowers on there.. kwim? also the monogram looks a tad smaller on the belt than regular mono? no?

  14. ^That's the only reason I can think of...the tinier print (like on the Cles, address book and mirror) and the fact that it also came in pink. :shrugs:
  15. Anyone have any modeling pics of the watercolour belt? :graucho: