The belly bag - is it available anywhere??

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  1. The more I look at the belly bag pictures the more I like its shape - this could be a great everyday work bag for me.
    I see the curry is still available here and there, but the color is not appealing to me. I also see the copper goatskin e&w but dont like that version...
    Is there a belly bag out there in a neutral color? Or if not neutral, possibly red or metallic? I am not fan of ostrich, but would love the woven version...
    Appreciate any leads!!!
    BTW- I am still on the ban, but can finance it by selling some bags, so I am cool!!
  2. Try BV Cannes. They may still have a belly bag on sale. There was one last week!
  3. The woven bag only came in matita, copper, and tea, as far as I know. The matita has been sold out for a while - I'm not sure about the tea. Good luck!
  4. I would LOVE the tea. If anyone has info, please please pm me??? Thank you!!
  5. It is a great bag!!!... I did not expect to love it so much!!! I was late to make my decision on the matita belly, but was able to get one from Dubai... unfortunately, it was the last one there. Maybe one will show up on ebay in the future.
  6. I have the matita belly and love it, its a great neutral. Good luck with your search, you never know, persistance pays off.
  7. there have been a couple of belly bags on ebay lately - ostrich copper, curry.... make sure you get them authenticated first
  8. Mouse, I only remember the Belly 76 intrecciato in curry, copper and matita in the US. Those were the only colors listed on the sales lists that I kept. From the looks of recent sales, only the curry color that you do not like remains. I have heard, however, that other colors were carried overseas, if you want to do that search. The other option is to wait until copper (non-metallic) and matita show up on ebay or other resale venues.

    When you do sell your bags to finance a new one, what venue do you use?
  9. Sigh... Will have to wait for matita.. I think it is what will make me most happy...
    Baggiana, I sell my unwanted bags on ebay and bonanzle and so far had a lot of success with both.