The Bellagio or the Wynn Hotel?

  1. Hi All,
    My hubby and I are going back to Vegas. We stayed at the Bellagio last time but now the Wynn is built. Can anyone tell me if they liked/disliked the Wynn? TIA!
  2. Bellagio is having a special pricing on rooms starting in Nov.
    Both are wonderful! Steve Wynn created both, so what's not to like.
  3. DH and I are going to Vegas on the 22nd - we were booked at the Bellagio for a good price, but I then found a fabulous deal at MGM Grand - I know it's not the Bellagio, but we got 4 nights there for the price of 1 night at Bellagio! I can SPEND that extra cash!

    :wlae: Can't wait - I've never been! DH has...after LV we're flying to San Francisco - I've been there several times, but he hasn't!
  4. I like the location of Bellagio, but I like the rooms of Wynn more. Wynn is of course newer, and the beds are more comfy.
  5. I'd choose Bellagio. The location is better because it's right on the strip. You'll save money on taxis too. Besides, both hotels are nice but very few people go to Vegas for the hotel rooms. If you go for Bellagio, ask for a room facing the water show. It's so beautiful to see that from your room.
  6. I was in Vegas recently, and can tell you the Wynn is much more fancier than Bellagio, partly because it is new. But I would go for Wynn.

    I mean to be completely honest with you I would go for Venitian, and that is where we stayed, since its great and beautiful and new.
  7. The Wynn, hands down!!
  8. the Venetian! all the rooms are suites even the standard rooms
  9. Wynn, hands down!!!

    The location of Wynn is great and it's right on the Strip (at the corner of Spring Mountain). It shares a corner with TI and Venetian. It's also has a direct walking overpass to Fashion Show Mall.
  10. Bellagio! I had the worst experiance ever at the Wynn. The couple in the room next to us were fighting and yelling and throwing things. WE had to call security 4 times and they did nothing. We got no sleep at all, and no compensation from managment. It was a really bad experience and I will never go back.
  11. Bellagio the location is better I don't go to Vegas to stay in my hotel so location is everything.

    I did go to the breakfast buffet at the wynn and it was FANTASTIC!! but Bellagio is wonderful too
  12. I like the Bellagio way better than the Wynn! I also think the Bellagio is in a better location because its in the center of the strip. But if you wanna try out a new place than go for it!
  13. I've never stayed at the Bellagio but the Wynn is fabulous. Really unique decor (not a "themed" hotel like most others on the strip) and it has an LV boutique downstairs. It's also across the street from a great mall (with its own LV boutique, among others).
  14. I prefer the Bellagio! They are very generous as we get free rooms there and the gambling rocks! We actually JUSt got back this weekend are are returning in December! :graucho: If you stay at the Bellagio PLEASE see O, it's FANTASTIC!
  15. Definitely the wynn! Great rooms, great fans in the lobby that suck out all the smoky air. I also LOVE how the Wynn is designed because you don't have to walk a mile to get to the rooms. Everything is conveniently located and it's easier on your tired feet at the end of the day. Oh, and when you ask for a non-smoking room, it's really a smoke free room. Last time I stayed at the Bellagio, we got the non smoking salone suite and almost gagged when we walked into the room. The carpet, drapes, and even the towels smelled like old cigs in an ashtray. :throwup: