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  1. ^^I hadnt noticed Lo!:p I think an orange coin purse would be really nice!

    Mulberry has beautiful leathers-I keep eyeing this coconut/oak/? woven rio Roxanne, but keep debating on if it will be too heavy with all that weaving detail. I never saw the ocean blue-must investigate!
  3. Hi,
    do you know if someone has a bag made in green crash? I have seen the leather available at BE couture, and think it could be cute for an AP bespoke. But I have only found Suzee pics of the swatches of green crash and another green. Does someone know if there are more pics around?
  4. ^^^ I haven't seen any, but I could have missed something.
  5. NBL-I don't believe that there have been any bags produced in the green crash yet. I know that there is a group bespoke for the LM in that leather though but I don't think they are done yet.

    An AP would be great in this leather. I love the color but it is a little too Christmas-y for a regular size bag!!
  6. Do you think somedoby else would like a green crash AP? I will love to see this leather is a small item. and I am sure it will wear well, the backside of the leather is dark, like black crash and pewter, so it wont show problems at the corners, I think.
  7. :cry::sad::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy: bit dull in BE land at the moment.
  9. :sos: Well, I"m having a BE crisis at the moment. I can't figure out whether to buy a pewter wtm full size or midi.

    Does that help Jenova? LOL
  10. ^LOL!!! I think it depends on how smooshy the leather gets in a given style...since the WTM is a more structured bag and will not smoosh as much, you may want to get the midi. If it smooshes a lot (like, for example, a Love Me) you should go with the bigger size most times (unless the bling factor freaks you out) since the bag will end up "shrinking" a bit visually.

    In this case, I would say midi!!!
  11. Hi Lo,

    Aah, thanks for your help!

    The wtm full size smooshes A LOT. It just puddles to the ground. But, the wtm midi really isn't too smooshy. It's more of a structured bag and when you fill it then it looks even more structured. BUT, it's SO lightweight Lo. The midi is the type of bag that you won't even remember your wearing it.

    And yes this will be my first pewter BE. So, I really should approach gently. Your right.

    But, then I'll seel stunning modeling pics of PF members of the pewter wtm and think "I CAN do that". hehe
  12. If you think that you can rock it, GO FOR IT!! I would also keep resale value in mind, just in case you don't like it -- it seems that more people try to sell the midis than the full-size -- I heard that the midis are harder to get your stuff in and out of, because the bag is not very deep. I personally love the full size, it weighs surprisingly little.
  13. So???? LB2....which is it??? Midi or full size?
  14. I'm going to sleep on this one ladies! I was leaning toward midi BUT that was before I saw your pictures. Now, I WANT a large! Plus, I really do like the slouchy look.

    Can I rock it? That's the question Lo!;)
  15. make matters even more confusing, I personally don't find the full size WTM all that large!