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  1. I like that gold shimmer leather too. It's an whisper of gold rather than the Singing Loudly mottled gold that is now extinct. Gold is gold to me, though. Light, dark, shiny, muted, speckled, plain, smooth, textured... I like it all.


  2. I'm flicking back and forth between staring at the gold satchel (it is only a matter of time before I'll cave in and order...) and UPS website which says my London Tote will be here. Today. Not a very productive day today :chatty:
  3. Just to report that my London Tote arrived and, as expected, I love it. I can fit my baby changing bag inside, finally getting the horrible black scratchy fabric thing out of sight. Wooohoo!
  4. Do you have a picture , so we can also see your new lovely bag??:graucho:
  5. sorry pictures taking ages, crazy busy with work. Bag has been to Berlin this week and now might be going to the Middle East this week (I don't even know which state yet!). Once I work out how to put up some pictures of my super super bag, I will :shame:
  6. I've got one of those diffusion line gold ones coming too. I think it's more of a dusted gold.

  7. Did it arrive? I only got a swatch and it did not look so goldish:p
  8. Yes it did, but just haven't had a chance to take photos of it yet.

  9. I'll just have to be patient..thanks nunnla!
  10. Sorry I've been so slow! I've been all over the place with work and so has my lovely bag :smile: It has taken quite a beating actually, had to have my feet on it on a plane and caught one of the kiddies putting tins out of the kitchen cupboard in it and carrying it around... :shocked:

    Anyway it survived and I hope a picture of it is attached!
    London Tote Anthracite.jpg
  11. :roflmfao:..It's beautiful and the leather is so hardwearing..I guess you know this by now! Thanks for sharing..Congrats on this lovely bag!
  12. I am officially becoming a member here: just ordered my first LM Midi, sooo excited :woot:
  13. I just received an email from Aimee: BE stopped offering the bespoke service in late 2012 :nogood:
    Sooo excited turned into sooo disappointed, especially as the website still allows customizing a bag.
  14. So sorry about your experience. I have wondered why the BeSpoke service is still listed (although it did help when I had to look something up) and if it would cause confusion and frustration.
  15. So Happy for you..pls post pictures!!:biggrin: