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  1. Will most definitely post pix of the display case full of Echandias! I asked Junie if it would be okay to keep them out of their silk pajamas, and she said yes because the cabinets close and will not be exposed to direct sunlight, air conditioner, or heat. I'm going to put some bubble wrap in each of them so they will stay shapely.
  2. Finally! The full Paisley collection on display.
  3. Hi Ladies,
    Who's the mod on the BE forum now?
    I was looking at the reference library, and there are no threads started for the new bags, such as: Madrid, New York Satch, LA Satch, Milan, Stockholm, London...

  4. I don't think we have our own mod. Maybe PM swanky?
  5. Someone also unstickied all the clubhouse threads so you have to go searching in amongst all the other threads to find them.
  6. When will we see the Spring/Summer 2012 collection? Sometime in December?

    And will someone please remind me, when are the 35% sales, and when is the sample sale? We just had a 35% sale, but aren't there two a year? Thanks!
  7. bump! No one's checking this chat thread!
  8. I'm talking to myself here.... la di da...

    ...Just heard my BECouture bag will be shipped on Friday. Tan Bubble Chevre Stroke Me. Pictures to come.
  9. No, you aren't talking to yourself, lol. I'm looking forward to pics of this. I think the bubble texture on the leather will bring a little lift to this quite plain design. I have always drooled over this bag in matte tan!
  10. ^^^^lol!
    It's the way it hangs on the body that is magical. You can't understand the charm from a still life product photo. I've seen mine worn by a friend and it makes me want to rip it off of her it is so gorgeous. Which is why I'm getting another one.
  11. I had the midi size - my first BE bag. It was so slim! I've always been curious about the full size as I can't picture how big it is when worn. I'm about 5'6" so I don't think it would dwarf me but a modelling shot would be great!
  12. ^^^^Hi VanBod, I'm 5'6" too, and the full size Stroke Me looks GREAT. I will def post modeling pix. I also owned the Stroke Me midi and I did not like the way it looked on me -- definitely too small. I just saw a picture of my Tan Chevre Bubble Stroke Me, before they packed it for mailing. It is gorgeous with the brass rings... But the pic wasn't so great, so I'll hold off until I get it here and have my DD take a modeling pic to post.
  13. Just wanted to pop in and say Happy Holidays to all the Belenistas here....I have not been on much lately, and not sure how much I will be on as I am trying to be "good" for the pocketbook...but if I am on...I will always be sure to pop in here...

    Happy Holidays to all of you lovely ladies....may your holiday season be filled with joy, laughter, and love, and here is hoping 2012 is a fantastic year for us all!
  14. :xtree:Merry Christmas to all the Belenistas! Hope your days are merry and bright. :rockettes:
  15. Merry Christmas to all!