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  1. Here is our Belen Echandia Club!
    Welcome to happy owners of Belen Echandia...and to tpf'ers who'd like to discover the world of Belen Echandia.
    Here's where we can discuss anything and everything, and also, refer each other to threads already started on Belen Echandia.:flowers:
  2. TropicalGal, Thanks for this thread! I was thinking of starting one last night, and then I waited for YOU take the lead. I knew you'd come thru for us!!!!!!!
  3. I forgot to say the most important thing! for you newcomers who want to enter this wonderful world.
  4. Love this article!

    I have only had my BE Love Me a couple of days but I'm afraid I can already tell that my other bags might be lonely for awhile. Since this is the central thread now, can we ask people to post all their pics here of their BEs for people who might want to see what they look like?

    I know that I made a buying decision based upon audball's pics as opposed to the website because I could see the true color and stature of the bag really well.

    I know I've already posted my pics in a separate thread but I'll put them here, too, in case anyone wants a reference. I hope others will share theirs as well.

    BTW, the leather smells SOO good! I feel like an idiot saying this, but the color is so rich and the leather is intoxicating. If this bag had an alcohol content, I'd be loaded!:nuts:
    be1 (Large).JPG be2 (Large).JPG be3 (Large).JPG

  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

  6. Ohh I have that same exact bag in the same color! I LOVE IT! Have you carried yours much? Mine doesn't stand up like that at all anymore. even when filled with my stuff. Yours seems to be standing up straight empty. I can't remember if mine did that when I first got it. What a beautiful bag if I don't say so myself.:yes: Ohhh and don't you just love the smell! Sometimes I just sniff the leather.:shame:
  7. Should we have one separate thread for posting all BE pics. (so that they're not scattered all over the place) or just include them in this thread? For now, I'll post them here.

    I received my chocolate casual bag today from the sample sale and it's gorgeous! The leather and color are amazing, it's very lightweight, and it's in perfect condition. I think it looks better in real life than it did in the website photo. I was pleasantly surprised that the center button is on a real pocket (I had thought it might be just decorative). And I like that the two side pockets lay flat against the bag and don't stick out much. The modelling pic. isn't the greatest due to my all black clothes and poor lighting, but it gives an idea of the size of the bag.
    1chocolatecasualfront.JPG 2chocolatecasualfrontclose.JPG 3chocolatecasualleft.JPG 4chocolatecasualinside.JPG 5chocolatecasualshoulder2.JPG
  8. Gorgeous Chris, thanks so much for posting pics for all of us!!!!!!
  9. Chris, what an awesome bag. Great size too! Its bigger than I thought.
  10. Oooo the casual bag is gorgeous...very very nice. I wonder who got that one in the yellow colour - I thought that was quite pretty if we are to post all our BE's pix here, then here goes!

    bag.jpg bag 1.jpg IMG_Pewter_bag.jpg

    IMG_3079_1.jpg Photo 5_1.jpg

    Oh oh..could it be I've developed a bit of an obession?
  11. Chris thank you! i bought the apple green casual bag but it hasn't arrived yet. I am in love with it after seeing your pics! That shape is tdf. I'm getting impatient lol
  12. SHC, how do you like your TMA??? it was the TMA that actually caught my eye but i ended up buying two Love Mes from the sale (and i am very very happy with them) but i still think i want a TMA, especially as a work bag?? Is it really that much larger than the LMs???

    Hi citychris!!
  13. Hi ladies -- I started a "Picture" thread -- but feel free to continue to post your new purchases and pictures here as well. This thread should be for sharing new purchases and discussing styles --and whatever, and sometimes, pictures are needed. So, when you do post your pics in this thread, go to the picture thread and post there as well.
  14. CityChris, your new bag is REALLY GREAT! So...which one are you going to keep... ???
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