The before and after...

  1. You look gorgeous, congrats!
  2. You look amazing. :biggrin: Thanks so much for sharing your experience. It's so encouraging to see someone else's good results!
  3. OMG you look great!! Congrats!!
  4. Oh wow! You look amazing! Well done x
    You've just given me the inspiration to get back on my weight loss journey :smile:
  5. I am sending you a virtual *high five*.

    You look amazing!
  6. Great ! I congrats you for your weight loss.
  7. Congratulations! You look wonderful :biggrin: How timely an inspiration- I'm thinking of starting a weight loss regimen too. I'm 5'5, 127 pounds and my goal weight is 116 pounds. I want to do it gradually and healthily, and not through shock diets. Just like you have done. Good luck with your final lap!
  8. wow!!!!sooo amazing!I am just on a diet,and I believe I can do it!
  9. You look amazing!!!
  10. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!
    You must be so proud!!!!!
    You look great!!!!!!
  11. Wow! You look great. Congrats on your weight loss!
  12. Thank you to all who replied on my thread.. I havent been active in purse forum lately..

    But anyway i lost a couple more pounds but not that much.. I went to Hawaii and here is my new recent "before and after pic"

    Im so happy with the result of my hard work, so far I lost total of "78 pounds" im hoping to loose more maybe last 5-10 pounds..

  13. Well done OP you look fantastic. Thankyou for sharing your weight loss journey, it's very inspiring.
  14. Congrats! You look amazing!
  15. You look incredible you should be very proud and you are an inspiration x x amazing