The Beckham’s New Tattoos

  1. [​IMG]it'S interesting!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Does it say something?
  3. No foods rule ??

    I am a wuzz I don't think I can have one unless if they put me on something so I won't feel the pain.
  4. i wonder what it says. it's not that painful. i'm sure cramps are worse. well i don't know since i don't get cramps but i've got 4 tats and it's not horrible.
  5. hmm...i wonder what it says....
  6. I am my beloved, my beloved is mine...however that quote goes- in hebrew.
  7. Wow. I think it's pretty neat.
  8. Ooooh, cool! It looks neat. I wonder if David has a matching one?
  9. Anee V' Dodi, V' Dodi Li. I have it on my ring.

  10. I think that you knew that is much more cool that the tats themselves:yes:
  11. Thanks. I remember the quote so well because my husband and I are looking for couple tattoos.:shame:

  12. Damn, and I just thought you were brilliant!!:yahoo:
  13. Beautiful quote!
  14. :lol:

    Lv-lover...David does have a matching tattoo on his arm.
  15. I am not sure I like where that tattoo is, but the message is lovely