The Beckhams launch his and her fragrances

  1. LOS ANGELES (AP) — You don't have to bend it like Beckham to smell like the soccer star.
    David Beckham and his Spice-Girl wife, Victoria, now have their own brand of his-and-hers fragrances — Intimately Beckham.
    "Why is this different from any other celebrity fragrance? The fact that (I) have spent a lot of time checking all the details," Victoria Beckham told Women's Wear Daily. "We are not just saying, 'We are celebrities, put our name on it.' I love to be involved with the whole process."
    The scents, which sell for $25 to $55 and were introduced last week in Beverly Hills, will be available at department stores next month and at drugstores in January. Industry sources estimate the Beckham fragrance franchise, which also includes Instinct by David Beckham, will generate $100 million in worldwide sales this year and twice that next year, according to Women's Wear Daily.
  2. theyve been released over here for quite a while.
    VB's is quite nice actually but i find it a taste that not everybody likes
  3. I think I'll wait for the toothpaste to come out before I buy anything with their names on it.
  4. ^^ Haha. Every celebs says that they are a part of the whole process. It makes me wonder how many actually are?!?!
  5. It's too easy to make some joke about what one might smell like if being either of the Becks. Won't go there.

    "The scents, which sell for $25 to $55 and were introduced last week in Beverly Hills,"

    I don't remember the last time I bought a perfume for that little money. Then again, I don't shop at Kmart/Walmart for my perfume. I will smell it, but I can guarantee I won't like it. Nothing worse than cheap perfume...except shoes. LOL
  6. ^^ LOL Hubba!!
  7. Some people will buy bottled cat piss if you slap a celebritys name on the packaging :lol:.
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. That's been out here for quite a while...At least since the beginning of Dec. last year
  11. i have instinct and i like it its a 'school' perfume for nothing special or after the gym. To me it smell like fresh working out, maybe DB wanted it that way. that said i did only buy it because it was a 30ml size to chuck around at it was on sale for $30
  12. they have been out her for a LONG time now here, they are actually quite nice, you dont know until you try.
  13. I think celebrity fragrances are really overrated. :push:

    Although David Beckham's cologne smells very nice actually. :sweatdrop: