The Beckhams finally arrive in the US!!!

  1. In scenes that rivalled one of the town's famous premieres, David and Victoria Beckham were greeted by hordes of photographers and excited fans as they touched down in LA to set about conquering the land of dreams.

    America's newest imports held hands as they made their way through the city's International Airport, obviously delighted to be there after months of anticipation and preparation.

    Beaming from ear-to-ear, David was, no doubt, looking forward to being unveiled to followers of his new club Galaxy on Friday afternoon and wearing the team's 23 shirt - the same number that he wore at Real Madrid. To face what seemed like the entire US press corp, Posh had chosen one of her favourite outfits, a chic, black sleeveless dress teamed with vertiginous red-soled Christian Louboutin heels.

    Their three young sons, who'd been with them on the flight from Heathrow, were nowhere in view as they exited the terminal building shortly before 8.20pm local time. And, in a sign that the British power couple are already learning the essential elements of LA living, the celeb pair were driven off in the city's transportation of choice - a blacked-out SUV.
  2. Wheeeee! I'm all aflutter with excitement. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. B for providing me with something to look forward to!
  3. hee hee, hope you enjoy them over there!!

    we are all out of brand beckham in the UK, you are most welcome to them hee hee ;D
  4. Woohoo, let the games begin!
  5. Yippie!!!!
  6. I don't care about Victoria but yay for David! I can't wait for the July 21st game! I'll be there :yahoo:Let's go Galaxy! :wlae:
  7. I am interested to see how they like America and LA
  8. David holds up his new shirt to raptuous applause at the Home Depot Centre. His signing to LA Galaxy will, no doubt, raise the game's profile in the U.S


    Proving her point she's not a 'miserable cow', Victoria smiles for the crowds

  9. The man of the moment: David waves to the 11,000 fans


    Victoria, in a clinging pink dress, makes her way across the stadium

  10. WOW! I'll take those black and pink dresses and H's, Posh! A few sizes up for me in the dresses, hehehehehehe
  11. Damn, he's fine!
  12. They look so good!!! God bless them!!
  13. He most certainly is!!! Looks gorgeous in practically anything he wears but especially a suit like this (or my fav of all - Boots, Jeans and a T! Yum Yum!!)
  14. Love the pink outfit!
  15. yay for Victoria!! (Still not a fan of David but that's just me...)