The Beauty Event at NM: March 1 - 11

  1. You will receive an NM exclusive tote in pink ,black or white and seven luscious beauty essentials with any cosmetics or fragrance purchase of $85 or more.

    FRESH - Sugar Lychee Body Lotion
    LANCOME - L'extreme mascara in black
    NATURA BISSE - Glyco peeling
    NM Exclusive - Verbena Guest Soap
    Valentino- Rock 'n Rose Eau de Parfum
    Dolce & Gabbana - Light Blue Eau de Toilette
    Kiehl's - Creme de Corps Lotion, Nurturing Body Washing Cream

    I also have the brochure of the gifts with purchase for each line. Post which one you are interested in and I can let you know the freebie!
  2. online? in store?
  3. In store.
  4. Any of the products are full size ?:confused1:
  5. I have a stupid question.hehehe..

    Does it mean that I have to buy $85 of Lancome product to get gift from Lancome?or I can buy anything worth $85 and get ll the gifts?thx:smile:
  6. You need to spend $85 to get the NM gift. But then each line has their own gift with purchase, but those amounts vary by each line. For example, a lot of the higher end lines like Creme de la Mer require a $200 purchase or so...
  7. They usually have this online as well...usually though, you don't get your choice of colors of the bag that the gift comes in but they do offer the main $85 purchase gift online. They also have the separate cosmetics line gifts available online as well depending on the cosmetics line. You can always call any of the stores and order from them as well but most stores only accept checks, cash or american express, but the Las Vegas Neiman Marcus and I think the one in Hawaii will also accept Visa/Mastercard.
  8. Hi all - I have a list of all the gwps for the various lines. PM me if you would like it!
  9. anything good for sisley or la mer? thanks =)
  10. Le Mer ($250 min purchase)
    White costmetics bag with:

    .24 ounce The Creme
    .17 ounce The Lifting Face Serum
    1 ounce The Body Creme
    .24 ounce The Hand Treatment
    .2 ounce The Cleansing Lotion or The Cleansing Gel
  11. Sisley-Paris ($300 min purchase)
    Blue polka-dot travel bag
    15 ml of each: Buff and Wash Botanical Facial Gel, All Day All Year Cream, and Restorative Fluid Body Cream
    .14 ounce Sisleya Global Anti-Age
    .17 ounce Sisleya Global Anti-Age Hand Care SPF 10
    .17 ouce Sun Glow Gel
    .14 ounce Glossy Gloss
    .27 ounce Eau DuSoir Perfumed Body Creme
  12. Does anyone know what it's going to be for Laura Mercier, Chanel and Bliss?

  13. Minimum $125 purchase. Brown cosmetics bag with
    .17 ounce Eye Basics
    .4 ounce Creme Brulee Hand Cream
    .14 ounce Flawless Ski Loose Powder
    .035 ounce Flawless Skin
    .02 ounce Eye Pencil


  14. Minimum $65 purchase.
    1 ounce Vanilla Bergamot Body Butter
    1 ounce High Intensity Hand Cream
    15 ml Sun Ban Face
    7ml each of Magnolia Scrub and Moisture Mousse

  15. $200 minimum purchase
    White cosmetics bag with:
    Black Inimitable Mascara
    .21 ounce Sublimage
    1.7 ounce Allure Sensuelle Body Lotion