~*The Beauty Bar Girls Chat*~

  1. Have you tried using a regular exfoliator along. I have heard that helps too!:smile:
  2. there's some kind of asian papaya soap that you can use, I forgot what it is called, there's a thread on it.......let me see if I can find it......here is a link for make up alley http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp/ItemId=104807/Likas_Papaya_Soap/0/Cleansers
  3. Is there anyone in here up for some chitchat? No specific subject, just something to keep my mind occupied...
  4. ladiesss! please recommend the best brand for foundation for my skin color? my color is best visible in my avatar so im going to skip the description.
    thank you :smile:!
  5. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Spent all day online window shopping..I really miss my husband today :sad:
  7. Hi there!
    I like pink wery much, red looks bad on my lips.
  8. It's water-proof in the sense that it doesn't really smudge that easily if you cry or have watery eyes but it can come off fairly easy if you use soap and water.

    I have really watery eyes and it has never run for me - just never rub your eyes when you're wearing make up cause that's what causes all the smudges.

    If you asking because you want to go swimming or so with it on, then I'm not sure about that but I have stood in rain with fluid line on and still looked fabulous, drenched but fabulous! :p
  9. is there going to be another raok?
  10. I was wondering the same thing. I thought we would have one for Valentine's Day.
  11. Yeah, it slipped a bit and I was worried about shipping times being TOO close. I'll start a Spring sign up here at the beginning of February.
  12. Wow! Great!! Cannot wait!! Came here to ask the same questions! :lol:
  13. :yahoo:
  14. Any updates on the RAOK for Spring!!! :graucho: