~*The Beauty Bar Girls Chat*~

  1. I have an odd kind of question..I haven't been to the USA in years but my brother is going at the end of the month and I was wondering what are some must have makeup/beauty items that I should ask him to get that are things I can't get abroad. I was thinking of getting the Covergirl mascara as you can't get that overseas. Any other ideas ladies?
  2. ^I'd help, but I've lived in the USA all my life so I don't know what beauty items that you guys can't get over there.
    What makeup brands do you guys have and not have?
  3. Well Covergirl for one. lol I am also going to ask him to get me some things from Fresh. There is only one store in the UK, I have never come across it anywhere else and it's a lot more expensive.
  4. If your brother has a student card and checks out the store C.O. Bigelow, he can get Fresh stuff at least 10% off!! (Students get a discount there!)
  5. ^ Thanks, but he isn't a student. Does anyone have any Bath and Body works favs?
  6. whoaaa, just notice the BB has it's on subform thinggy now!
  7. I love Fresh! I definitely recommend the Lip Sugar treatment in Plum, also, their fragrances are very fun and unique.
  8. Does anyone know any good facial mist that I could use during my flights? My face gets sooo dry in the airplane T_T
  9. Hi all, I don't if this is a right place to ask, please let me know or direct me to appropriate thread.

    I have been skincare type of gal and I don't have much of eyeshadows and blushes collection. I received a eye powder eyeshadow, and I tried 2x this week getting ready for work and everytime I spilled all over the counter and dropped on the floor. I am very clumsy. It was a mess and I got frustrated. For eye color shadow, how do you ladies handling it and what is the process of applying to minimize spilling or dropping? Please advise.
  10. I bought my BH some Molton Brown shavewax (I believe it was a discounted find at TJmaxx/Marshalls last fall) but now he's almost out of it and I'm struggling to find more to replenish his stash.

    I see I can look online at MB's website, but the scent he's using isn't on there (ultracalm lemonleaf) and I haven't really found it elsewhere. There isn't a MB store in my area, anyone know where you can buy these products in a reg. department store?
  11. Hey noon, when is he going? because in about a month, I'll be able to tell you exactly what products aren't available in england since I'm moving there from the US.
  12. You can re-pot it into something more stable and make sure you set it somewhere where it won't get bumped over on your vanity or countertop when you apply. I tend to use my palettes more than loose pigment powders just because I think they are a tad bit easier to handle.
  13. Hey krazydaisy, I'm using Dior - Diorsnow Sublissime Whitening Spot Corrector
    and i noticed a slight lightening on my scars. It's pricey, but a little goes a long way.
  14. I have.
    I ordered a mac brush, they sent me a sigma brush, and when I asked them to pay for the return shipping since they messed up, they said no and after fighting for a week, they agreed to refund my shipping once they got my item.
    Well I sent the sigma brush, they claimed they never got it, even though I had the delivery confirmation that said delivered.
    So after another week of fighting, they "found" the brush and refunded my money AND only gave me $1 towards return shipping.

    So yeah ummm....never ordering from them again.

  15. Hello:yahoo:
    long time no see, glad you're back.