~The Beautiful Neo Noe Club~

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  1. This beauty deserves a thread! Come and join! Please share your love for this bag!!

    I ordered the black one. It should be here soon!
  2. I ordered this in red today to look at. Looking forward to seeing it in person!
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  3. It's beautiful!![emoji173][emoji173]
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  4. Why no black available on the LV website?? Anybody know y??
  5. And I LOVE your collection so I trust your opinion. Only went in to enquire about the Pochette Metis as I am keen to get my hands on it but its impossible in Europe-they are not even putting names on a waiting list anymore. So she suggested I look at this. Had already caught my eye on TPF [emoji7] only problem is I wasnt planning to purchase until my bday in May.
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  6. Thank you so much!! You're too sweet!
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  7. IMG_0145.JPG HeartMyMJs, thank you for staring a club for this beauty. I am officially joining in as I just received my package today!
  8. Wow!! Beautiful!!! Congrats!!![emoji173][emoji173][emoji173][emoji173]
  9. Thank you! Can't wait for you to get yours:smile:
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  10. Me too!![emoji1316][emoji1316]
  11. Mine should arrive Monday [emoji2]
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  12. Yay!! Congrats!!
  13. Thanks it was a tough decision on which color to get. I got the red
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  14. I wonder if the straps and drawstring will still patina even though its dyed
  15. You can't go wrong with any color. I love the pop of red on this bag. Red is also my favorite color but I ended up ordering the black.
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