The Beautiful Multicolor Club!

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  1. I love and adore the MC line... they are just beautiful! :love::love:
    Post pictures of your MC bags and accessories and any stories about the MC bags!

  2. [​IMG]

    My fave pochette...unfortunately my mono one gets a wee bit neglected. This is PERFECT for going out - flashy and small size!
  3. Here are my white Trouville, Shirley, Pochette Accessoires (my very first LV :nuts:!) and Wapity :love:.

    multicolore 002.jpg
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  4. These are nice ladies, need more visuals:nuts:
  5. [​IMG]


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  6. Don't have as many pieces as Michelle ;)
    But here are mine..
    updatedmc.jpg LVbookandshoes.jpg blackflats.jpg eyelovescarf.jpg
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  7. I'm in!!!
  8. :wtf::wtf::wtf: omg!!!
    you are the MC Queen!!!
    :heart::heart::heart::heart: your collection!!
  9. My one MC piece and the most beloved of my collection
  10. these look fabulous together!! :wlae:

  11. :yahoo:I'm in :yahoo:
    White LODGE PM & black ALMA
    alma u lodge.jpg
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  12. Here are the twins. lol
    I had the white speedy 1st, and fell totally in love as SOON as i took a peek at it inside the dustbag. (i ordered from elux)

    I then went to LV on 5th (manhattan) and saw the black speedy in a case, and it was like a light shone apon it from the heavens. haha. I HAD to save up for that one, too! So, like the next month, i got the black one from KOP.
    That was a wonderful day! :love:

    Anyway, so yeah, this is the black one the evening i got it.

    I also have a black mc cosy purse and white mc berlingot, but i have no pics. I REALLY need to take a pic of my current little collection.
    blackspeedy.jpg twins.jpg
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  13. Beautiful twins you have there :smile:
    I like the color combo you have on them.
  14. :wlae:
    whitemc.jpg blackmc1.jpg blackwhitemc.jpg
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  15. ^ oh my :love:
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