The beautiful MIZI society club

  1. :drinkup: I am introducing our :heart: *MIZI* :heart: society here on TPF. This bag is one of my favorites made in the traditional LV monogram pattern. I was so sad when they discontinued it.

    Want to be part of this society??? If you were one of the fortunate people who aquired these TDF bags, please post all your gorgeous monogram MIZIs and MIZI viennas here!!! YaY :party: WooHoo...
  2. Here are my mono Mizi (that I recently sold) and Mizi Vienna (that I'll NEVER part with):
    mizi.JPG vienna.JPG
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  3. oohhh why did you sell your mono is stunning and impecable condition...did you get what you paid for it or more? I love that bag I cannot believe you parted with it!!!!!
  4. Irene, both those are SOOOO gorgeous!!
  5. My mizi vienna

  6. i'm in..... here's my regular mono mizi ....... nothing compare to mizi vienna but hey it's mizi:love:
  7. pin- do you have a pic of the interior, or with anything in it? i think that will be my next obsessive aquisition after the epi25speedyBlack. (first thing's first, you know...)
  8. the mizi is so cute
  9. :drool: :drool: :drool:
    Gorgeous! I would never part with this bag. NEVER!
  10. Oh I love this bag! They are soo pretty!
  11. :drool: I just come here for the pics! A Mizi is my :tender::girlsigh: dream bag right now
  12. You bet!!! This bag is here to stay!!!:yes:
  13. Ugh!! I'm really kicking myself for not getting this bag! I want this bagggggg!!:sad:
  14. Ms. Mono Mizi :love:
    IMG_1143.JPG IMG_1147.JPG
  15. That Mizi Vienna................ :drool: