the Beautiful Leopard Stole and Monogram Shawl

Aug 14, 2006
BC, Canada
Tomorrow, on August 12, is the Private Shopping Night @ Holt Renfrew, and tonight I have been on line checking out my future stole and I'm also considering buying a shawl to also wear it this way, and use it as an actual shawl.

I know I don't look like any of the people in the pics lol but just posting for fun and to share my excitement for my first LV Stole. These pics are here for fun.

I hope the stole I buy tomorrow is perfect condition. Thats all I want. And if I don't buy a shawl, its ok. ;)

MODS: Can you move this to "Louis Vuitton Shopping" - I know I posted this in the wrong area.


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