The Beautiful Greige Work!! PLEASEEE READDDDD~~

  1. So I finally decided to buy the Greige Work and called EVERYWHERE for it. I mean if I'm gonna spend $1000+ for a bag I should get the exact one that I want. So on Sunday, I spend hours calling Neiman Marcus and Barney's a whole lotta places and finally a sales associate at Barney's tells me she located one for me at New York. :yahoo: She said she asked them to hold it for me and that either I can give her my credit card information and buy it now or wait until Tuesday to buy it. I ask her why I can't buy it on Monday since I'm afraid they're gonna sell it before Tuesday. Turns out she doesn't work on Monday so I agree to wait JUST for her but I ask her multiple times to MAKE SURE they hold it for me. She calls me back on Monday saying the man who was holding the bag for me doesn't work on Monday but she assures me that they are holding it for me and she'll call me back on Tuesday for my information. I wait and wait on Tuesday but she doesnt call so I call her. And what does she tell me? THAT THE STORE IN NEW YORK THAT WAS HOLDING THE GREIGE WORK SOLD IT THE DAY BEFORE.. ON MONDAY! :wtf: I mean.. i told her like.. 10 times to MAKE SURE that they are holding it. ARGG! :cursing: I mean.. I only agreed to wait until Tuesday JUST for her so she can collect on the commission, the least she could do is make sure they were holding it for me! She said they were only allowed to hold it for 24 hours so when she asked them to hold it on Sunday, 24 hours passed by Monday so they sold it. But I spoke with her on MONDAY and asked her again to make sure they held it for me and she knows im going to buy it so why couldnt she tell them to hold it for one more day?? So now.. here I am.. trying to locate one again. And so here is the main purpose of this thread. Can anyone PLEASE please help me locate a Greige Work for me? Or if you know any stores nearby that carry it, can you please let me know? Thank you so much in advance!
  2. that really sucks! did you call the balenciaga store in NY?
    also, if i may ask, why didn't you give the SA your credit card information when you first located your bag?
  3. Oh. Because I had already bought a Balenciaga bag and I was trying to exchange the it for the Greige, but if she ordered it then before I was able to return it, my bank account would not have enough money. I told her that and that's why she said she was going to hold it. ARGGG!! I'm still so pissed off. Took me so long to locate that bag too! And when she called me today, she even had the nerve to tell me that the store had TWO of the Greige Work. Not one but TWO! And they still couldn't hold one for me??! After I told her to pleaseeeee make sure to hold it. Did she think I would feel better after she told me that?! Ughhh.. so mad at the store..
  4. Oh my! What an awful experience! I'm so sorry... Try calling Barneys in Seattle; I think I might have seen a Griege Work there a few weeks ago.
  5. Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear about this! How awful for you when you were just trying to help her get her comission! I do hope you find one soon!
  6. disappointing! I would mad as well! GRR! Good luck...hope you find your bag!
  7. Thank you everyone~
    Actually.. I DID call the Barney's in New York on Monday morning just to triple check that they were holding it.. but the guy who was helping me was actually very rude about it. He said he couldn't find one ANYWHERE, not on the floor or the stock room (the lady who said she located one said they had TWO, one on display and one in stock so one of the two were lying) and when I told him that a lady from Barney's in california was actually trying to locate one for me and that she did find one in New York, he started to get mad at me, saying why am i calling him then? And why he was asking TWO sales associates to locate the bag if i already got someone else to locate it... I mean.. WTH? Heaven forbid that I ask two of their PRECIOUS Barney's worker to locate a $1500 bag for me.. I mean.. wat was i thinking?! :dots: anyways.. so i was like.. I'm not calling you a liar, i just wanted to double check that they are holding it and he's like, i'm not the one holding it so i wouldn't know if they have one or not and i was like.. um, ok and he just hung up. Wow.. i guess for a store that huge selling a $1500 bag is no big deal..
    (Sorry bout my rantings.. I'm juss so damn pissed! I spent hours and hours calling EVERYWHERE for it..)
  8. Oww, I am very sorry about that. I do understand what you have been going through. I would be extremely mad too. I will open my eyes and ears and if I see the Greige in Work, I will pm you.
  9. Last time I checked, Barneys Seattle didn't have a Greige Work. That was last weekend....
  10. That's so rude.
    I know the feeling, when you want something and want to believe the SA is being straight with you and you're sorry you got involved with that SA. Real bummer. I'm never satisfied until it's in my hot little hands.
    Hope you find one.
  11. I'm so sorry for you. I've been on many bag hunts and they are time consuming. But to find and then lose the bag sucks. Good luck, and don't give up try calling Lisa Hamlin at NM in Troy, MI, shes good at finding things.
    Also does aloharag have any left.
  12. :wtf: If this happens to me, I'll definitely complain on her!!! So rude.... and she should take the full ressponsibilty to find another one for you.

    Good luck on finding your bag... :tup: If I see one, I'll tell you immediately!!!
  13. hi, i rarely post comment on any site due to my english
    BUT, i have to with ur situation since it really p*ssed me too
    i would be mad even with a 100 merchandise. you are paying 1500 up and you dont even have your concerns taking care off. is there anyway to complain about this?i would if i were you-
  14. i mean, if you're going to spend that much money on a bag, it has to be the one that you really want! these SA's have to understand that, and i guess most of them do, but there are others that are not so understanding.....
  15. Have you considered Naturel? I know there was a Naturel Work RH in Neiman's Houston a couple of months ago...not sure if it's still there.