The beautiful Chloe Louise...

  1. I had been in Orlando and stalking the Neiman Marcus sales tables and one day this one showed up...I had seen it online but was not amazed, but in person it was a whole different was a little scratchy but its just adds to its beauty...

    Absolutely stunning....a classic box bag, and the colour is gorgeous and above all, its a Chloe...
    louise.jpg louise2.jpg
  2. That's lovely, Mona! Congratulations on your lovely new bag! :smile:
  3. That is so lovely! Could you do modeling shot of the bag please?
  4. Love this bag! It's so classic looking... congrats!! :biggrin:
  5. im looking for this and been waiting for it too!
    lovely bag..wats the damage?
  6. Gorgeous bag! Congrats!!!
  7. Reminds me of H Constance! Lovely bag! Would you honor us with mod pics?
  8. I just had a modeling posted for the Chloe Susan boots, and I happened to be wearing the Louise bag...

  9. Bag matched u very much.
  10. Love it head-to-toe! Effortless chic! :tup: