The Beautiful Beverly Club

  1. :heart: My boyfriend just bought me the beautiful beverly clutch... I noticed we don't have a thread for the new collection in monogram!
    When I get my beautiful new clutch will post piccies!
    But for now, thought I should start this thread
  2. No-one has any beverly :sad: Find it hard to believe...
  3. i don't have one but i'd love to see pictures!
    Share ladies! I know there are some out there who has this beauty. :p
  4. please show us the modeling pic when you got it!! hehe, I am thinking to get that one too
  5. can't wait for pics of Beverly this bag and i want one!!!!!
  6. Okais now this is the crappiest quality pic, I will look for a better one later.

    I have my inclusion bracelet on too.. so beautiful

  7. you look FAB!!!!!!!:love::tender:
  8. Okais this is the better quality pic.
    I was doing a major pose (was my bday)...
    but here is my gorgeous beverly (I need to thank my boyfriend again for this he gave me my dream bag for my bday)... + inclusion bracelet

  9. Here's my Beverly MM and some pictures of what fits inside. It is very roomy and fits nicely under the arm. I don't really like patina but I think it will look really nice on Beverly! Sorry pics aren't very clear. My baby was trying to stand using my legs as a leaning post while I was taking the pics!
  10. Would you mind telling how tall you are? The bag really looks lovely. Thanks for sharing your pics. :smile:
  11. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I am 5'5'' 140 lbs. I hope this helps!

  12. Beverly MM looks great on you :nuts:
  13. Hi everyone in the Beverly Clubhouse,
    I want to share with you all my New Beverly MM. I got her last night.
    Beverly MM 1.jpg Beverly MM 2.jpg Beverly MM 3.jpg Beverly MM 4.jpg
  14. Great pics!
  15. i love the beverly!!!! it's gorgeous and i just love those V shape buckles... :heart: