The Beautiful Bayswater Club...

  1. Kicking off some clubs, here's the place for showing off your beautiful, iconic Bayswater. :okay:
  2. My laptop from work doesn't allow me to load pics from my camera - I must get adminstrator to set it up for me. Until then, I have this baby, and love it!
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  3. Ohhh, those are gorgeous, Excess! I'm dying to get me one of those in black... :drool: Can't wait to see your actual pics! :tup:
  4. it is - phone camera, so, apology if it doesn't come out nicely...;)
  5. bump
  6. Well, I have to admit I'm proberly a bit addicted to Mulberry bags and Bayswaters in particular - so count me in the club ladies :supacool: Currently the proud owner of a classic oak, a tooled chocolate and a special edition in beautiful textured oak/gold Lagoon leather... I'm sooo spoiled... :heart:
    Billede 006.jpg
  7. Here's my black Congo Bayswater. I :heart: her.
    Bayswater congo.jpg
  8. Uh, congo is sooo beautifull. The new Kenya is definitely a step down from that gorgeous classy texture!
  9. can you post modelling pics - don't be shy!!!
  10. Here is my East West and normal Bayswater. I do have a choco but my best friend is loaning it at the mo! Will get it back hopefully and take a picture:smile:
    IMG_0583.JPG IMG_0585.JPG
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  11. Here's my Oak Bayswater and Choco Ledbury
    Oak Bayswater.JPG Choco Ledbury.JPG Choco Ledbury with Brighton Bracelet.JPG
  12. frankiep, are you reading my mind?! i'm lusting after one of these after someone bought one and posted in the new bag thread over on TFS....
  13. East West Bayswater
    Black Natural Veg Leather (aka Darwin)

    with Hermes Twilly
  14. That's it! I absolutely need to get a East West Bayswater in Black to complement my Oak Bayswater :yahoo:
  15. I'm drooling on my keyboard over these gorgeous Baywaters. I need an oak Baywater :yes: