The Beaubourg Club

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  1. As I am waiting for mine to arrive, I just wanted to start this new club for the latest introduction to the Monogram canvas line. Hope y'all join!
  2. Can't wait!!!
  3. neither can i!
  4. I seriously want one of these!
  5. I already got mine! Pics at my blog.
  6. ^^
    Did you order your bag from one of the Hawaii LV's? What was the retail price for it in Hawaii?

    The SA at my store in CA said that bag is coming out by June! I put myself on the waitlist for both versions but I think I'm leaning towards the Mono version!!! I like the "racer" look of the straps with the vachetta trim!
  7. I got it from Hawaii retailing at $785. Anyone else who's getting it next month? :yahoo:
  8. im in... heres my newest addition to the family
  9. YIPPEEE I can join! I got mine yesterday and using it today! Mine's in DAMIER.
  10. PLEASE POST IT IMMEDIATELY. I AM DYING TO SEE THIS IN DAMIER. your picture could just bring me back to LV because i'm torn between a Gucci Tote and the LV Beaubourg. :crybaby:
  11. I will TRY to post some pics tonight! Im not really a big FAN of DAMIER and all the SAs prefer the MC print than DAMIER but somehow, the MC did not get me at all! Its more CLASSY with the DAMIER!
  12. The first damier beaubourg of the club!

    LOVE IT!

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  13. How much can the Beaubourg hold? A laptop? And how does it close?

    Considering this or a Neverfull....


    TIA :smile:
  14. Can someone please model this bag?
  15. yes please!!