The Beauborg...

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  1. For anyone that wants to see the beaubourg tote... visit They have it for sale! :smile:
  2. Wow!!!!!!!! I can't wait to get this tote!!! I like the Mono but the Damier looks great, too!! Thanks for the link! The pics are fabulous!
  3. No problem! :smile:
  4. Yikes, wish you hadn't just bought it. ROFL!!!
  5. ^^hhuh?
  6. If my comment sounded crazy it was meant --wish she hadn't shown me the site, cuz I loved it and bought it from Italy Station.
  7. Thank you for the site. I will check it out.
  8. Thanks for sharing! :yes: I love it in the Monogram.
  9. oh my god! :wtf: so it is definitely out on the market????!?!??! i read it here somewhere discussing about this men's tote but never knew it would come out this fast! my, i am loving it. :yes: i have wanted to buy a damier sac plat but always get interrupted by the LE bags so i was never able to buy one. now am i glad!!! :wlae: the photos provided are very good. i am definitely getting the damier one. i wonder when it will be out in the stores...thanks for the link!!! :tup:
  10. Sure... the bag looks great in both patterns... definitely a better buy than the Sac Plat IMO!
  11. Is this bag LE or perm? Is it coming to the US in June? and does anyone know the US price?
  12. I totally LVoe this bag !!
    No pesky vachetta !!
    I hope more styles like this to come in the future !!!!!
  13. the Mono has little vachetta!

    so i guess you bought the Mono because it has been removed from the site. :supacool:
  14. Yes I bought the mono
  15. ^^ Congrats..can't wait to see your photos:heart: