The Beatrice Satchel

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  1. RM: I love your "carpet bag" comparison... I think that's sort of what drew me to the Beatrice. And you're right about the "weighting" thing. Though it looks super big front-on, it's actually quite a bit more narrow than the Corcovado. It's more like the Trophy Bag, I'm thinking (although I've not seen one IRL.) I'd have to say, I think my Corc would carry more. I'll have to do an experiment... but the Corc is almost square it's so deep. I'll fill them both and then post them here and in the new side-by-side thread you started... but after work!
  2. :shame: (Blushing) Thanks, Mishka!
  3. Jennirane, that bag looks amazing on you! Thanks for posting the pix.

    I adore the fabric Beatrice in all her incarnations, but awhile ago I decided she wouldn't be for me because I didn't see a way to fit her into my life. Maybe sometime ...

    RealMcCoy, the berry floral/saddle one was an Amex Wishlist item a couple years back, so I think there are more than 50 of them out there. That one seems to be a lot easier to find then the Harlequin. They pop up on eBay from time to time and in fact, I saw one just a couple weeks ago.
  4. Here's a few side-by-side pics of the Beatrice and Corcovado, as well as some "packing" pics--I've also posted them w/commentary on the "Side-by-Side" thread that Jandelvis started (sorry, RM!) Bottom line is that the Corcovado is bigger than the Beatrice. I couldn't zip the Beatrice up with everything that fit into the Corc...

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  5. :nuts: How do you lift that up, girl! You must have some strong back muscles!
  6. LOL! Someone said the same thing in the other thread--I usually don't take my laptop to school, nor quite so many books. And I'm just walking from the parking lot to my office--I don't lug all books to each class! But a lot of professors have gone to rolling bags (ICK). Girl's gotta have SOME style, even in the sticks!
  7. I totally agree! And you certainly have it!
  8. :smooch:
    Thanks, sweetie!
  9. I love this. It proves what I have been telling all the Corc fans - the Beatrice is at the most just a smidge bigger but a whole lot thinner to carry. I pack my Bea and Corcs just as full. I laughed at your stash. Except for the hat and scarf (not needed in Florida) the rest could be the inside of my bag. Except my water bottle is blue. LOL.
  10. ^^^ SIGG all the way, baby!!!