The Beatrice Satchel

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  1. All right, I have totally fallen in love with the new Beatrice from the spring line - the one with the blue flower print fabric. Problem is, I'm unsure of the size of the bag.
    Ms. Lizardo, in your thread - - your bag looks great, a good size that wouldn't be too big. (Gorgeous bag, by the way.)
    But in this thread - - the different pics have me puzzled. You see how in 2 of the pics the bag has really pointy corners, and it makes the bag look much bigger somehow? And in the other two, the corners are pulled up more? So are the 2 different-looking bags actually the 2 different sizes mentioned? Or are there 2 rings on the side that you can use to pull up the corners? Of course, the picture on the HH website just makes the bag look enormous! Any help that anyone can provide would be appreciated. Because heaven knows I need a another bag, right? :rolleyes: If anyone else has modeling pics of the Beatrice, that would be awesome. TIA!
  2. I think hide fiend has one. Hopefully she can help too.
  3. I think that that all leather version was smaller than the fabric/leather version. From what I remember the all leather is meant to be a handbag and the fabric/leather more of a travel bag. Def. could be wrong about that part, but I do remember there were two different sizes.
  4. Fabae:

    The all-leather Beatrices WERE smaller, and all of them have gussets on the side that you can cinch up. There's also a hard (cardboard?) insert that forms a base--you can't see it for the lining, but it does hold that shape (so think Trophy bag rather than soft-bottomed Corcovado. Here's one modeling shot... I'm 5'8" and 165 lbs. And a shot with a Lorca as a size compare, and one w/a pair of sz. 11 shoes.
  5. Here are the pics...

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  6. Oops--should have mentioned. Obviously mine is the Beatrice in Tango/Harlequin. It's definitely either a work bag or a travel bag. I used mine for a while last semester to carry books (would fit a laptop easy), lunch, makeup bag, wallet, everything. (Now I'm using my Corcovado--the Beatrice has one main compartment and only a few pockets and I'm a bit OCD.)
  7. Jen, love the pics, especially the one with your size 11s (Great lighting). The Beatrice and Trophy have never tempted me. I think it's because of its strange shape. That thing looks hu-ge too, both N-S & E-W. Pretty color though.
  8. ^^^ Thanks! That's the pic that shows the cinching clips. I love the shape--love the fact that it has a bottom. The only thing I don't like is that it's one big compartment... I'm more organized than that. Love my Corcovado and Tharpe! But the Beatrice feels very French, very "status". It's definitely huge, but not as structured as the Trophy bag looks. And the canvas cuts down on the weight...
  9. Hey there sis:smile: I found this pic I took at the Chicago sample sale (I cut off her head to protect her identity)...

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  10. Aw, shucks. That is a gorgeous bag, jennirane. Unfortunately, I think it's way too big for me.

    I can hardly believe there is not one single bag that I'm obsessing over!
  11. You are SO pretty! And that bag is gorgeous too! You're definitely a HHHOttie! Thanks for the pics!
  12. Ain't she, though?:girlsigh::girlsigh::girlsigh:

  13. stunning - bag n' babe!

    total bag-envy.....

    now, IF only HH would do these Beatrice Prints in the smaller version - sublime!
  14. That would be great. But, they would need to keep the original Beatrice for those of us who seek a large bag. :tup: Perhaps there could be Beatrice and Little Bea?

    My Beatrice Corsaire is one of my favorite totes. Though a large bag, she doesn't wear like a large bag because of the soft drape to the fabric. The leather at the sides and bottom seems to act as a weight (like weights on the hem of a curtain) to pull the bag's fabric front and back smooth and balance it. Hard to describe. But, it is a comfortable bag. To me, it feels like the old tapestry carpetbags - only styled with quirky, creative alterations to make it spot on for today's fashions.

    Jen, thanks for posting those Beatrice Harlequin shots. I am even more determined to find me a Harlequin. I am also looking for the older Beatrice that was a soft berry red floral with tan leather. And, I am saving up for the Beatrice Camille. What a glorious bag. And in some of my favorite spring colors!
  15. OK. So I've now had some morning coffee and my mind is starting to function. Maybe HH considers the Pastis to be their smaller adaptation of the Beatrice? I noticed that each season, whatever the Beatrice came in - so did the Pastis. At 15x13, that could make Pastis a smaller cousin of the Bea.