The Beast!

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  1. No matter how old Patrick Swayze gets, he will always be fine as hell to me!
    Oh and I love the new show! has anyone else seen it??


  2. This show is so much better than "The Cleaner".

    Also better than "Lie To Me", the only other recent new show I've seen.

    Oh wait, I also saw United States of Tara. Yep, The Beast is better than that too.

    Maybe the title isn't great, but thats my only legit complaint for now..
  3. [Maybe the title isn't great, but thats my only legit complaint for now..]

    I so agree with you on that! you think It'll have enough to keep the season going? Heard swayze was hospitalized:wtf:during filming one episode though!!!
  4. i don't mind the title!

    it's engaging so far, it's one of the best new shows i've seen in a while.

    i'm hoping that patrick somehow can overcome this. this is the best thing he's done in a long time, he deserves to be around to keep working and enjoying this success.
  5. and this is a total NO DUH.... but i think it's totally awesome and unique that he's such an accomplished dancer. i believe he was a dancer before he got into acting, but still. you don't see that often, i've always thought that that was super cool. :heart:
  6. I saw the pilot episode... I thought it was good. The story didn't exactly grab me as I hoped it would. However, Swayze is on fire in this role. The show is worth watching just for that alone.
  7. My mom told me Patrick's mom owned a dance studio while he was growing up, most people don't know this but you know the song near the end of the movie, she's like the wind?! thats him singing it!! I think he even wrote it! His brother is the one that sings eye of the tiger also! talent just ooses out that family!!
  8. I knew Patrick sang She's like the wind, but Eye of the Tiger was done by the group Survivor. His brother was an actor (I just checked IMDB) but there is no mention on google of him singing in a group.
  9. hell I dont know, I think that's what my mom said, I dont care, swayze can sing and act and is hot that's all I know!!
  10. All that and he's an adoring husband to his wife of like a zillion years. He's a rare gem in Hollywood.
  11. My sister watches the show and told is great. I haven't but looking forward to this week episode!!
  12. ^they'll likely rerun the first two sometime before the new one airs, you should check them out!
  13. Thanks I will do that!!