The Beagle Club!

  1. Who owns a beagle here?

    My Maisie is 1 and a half years old. She is our first dog in the family but we are considering getting a Basset Hound puppy. She's a good beagle actually - doesn't bark (or "bay") all the time like I've heard some have, only at the hoover, beer cans (she hates alcohol?!) etc, and she is allowed off the lead down the field, although sometimes her nose gets the better of her and she wanders off. :sweatdrop: but she always comes back!!

  2. [​IMG]

  3. LOL! Cute pups! I don't have a beagle, but my dogs are forever trying to get into the dishwasher too!
  4. I reeeeally love Beagles!!!! They're so adorable. I had a Beagle a while ago but my mom absolutely hated him because he barked constantly, literally. He was so loud and she always put a muzzle on him to make him calm down but he always got depressed when the muzzle was on him. I personally was against the muzzle and it made me sad to see him sad when wearing it.
  5. Do mutts count? Here's Ripley, my Beagle/Basset:


    And Daisy, my Beagle/Dachshund:

    Ripley_DirtyNose.jpg DaisyOnTheWall.jpg
  6. Add me to the beagle club! I've had Darwin for almost 5 years. They are my favorite breed BY FAR!
  7. Love my beagles! We have two, they are awesome! Totally obnoxious at times, into everything and don't listen for crap, but I love 'em to death. ;) They are the biggest goons and make me laugh every day. Ginger is 9 and Kizzy is 3; we adopted both of them through our local humane society (though first I found Ginger on the highway!).


  8. I don't have any dogs but i :heart: beagles!!!!
  9. i dun have dogs but these pics make me wan to get one:tup:
  10. Here are our two beagles: Milo (tri color+blue ticked male, 4 yrs.) and Daisy (red and white female, 1.5 yrs.)...they are wonderful dogs and DH and I adore them!
    lild2.JPG milondaisy.JPG
  11. ^ haha, aww, I love when they lay like that!
  12. 14 SM.JPG


    Here is my 6 year old Beagle Nigel.
  13. If anyone can get these pictures bigger, please do so. I have no idea what to do. :smile:
  14. ^ What a cutie!

    The pictures show up larger when you click on them, so no worries.
  15. It's about time we have a club!!! A big woohoo to Uno for being the first beagle to be Best In Show at Westminster!!

    We have 2: Buster, a tri male who's 4 and Leeloo, a bue tick female who's 2. I love them to bits and they truly are the best pups in the world.
    baby Buster at 7 weeks :love:

    baby Leeloo at around 16 weeks :love: