The BE Waiting Lounge....

  1. Hey! My bag is with UPS hopefully it will be delivered at work tomorrow! I am so excited I could scream! I won't sleep tonight. I am already planning my next purchase Rock Me. What do you lovely ladies think of that style?:smile:
  2. The full sized Rock Me? I have that in mottled gold. Cleopatra. She is huge. My 15" laptop goes straight into her with room to spare at the top. I like to use her for airplane traveling. I can put my laptop into her, plus my full sized gold Love Me (Goldie), and all of my other normal purse stuff, plus a shawl for if it's cold on the plane. Along with Cleopatra, I take her husband, Marc Anthony (named for our dearest stud man, Marco), and he holds a gracious plenty as well and yet remains within the specific sizes of acceptable carry-on bags. He is the full sized Take Me Away travel bag and is also mottled gold.

  3. Moonie...I love the names for your bags!

    Well...I just paid the balance on my two final BECs....aubergine and matte med purple LMMinis should be on their way to me shortly!!
  4. Me again! I am a shorty...would you recommend the Rock Me or the Midi version? Would I need to get the straps lengthened so that it could fit over a card?
  5. Shaz, the Rock Me is a BIG bag. I'm 5'6" and it is big on me. You can fit a ton of stuff in it but it might just be too big for an everyday bag, unless you carry the kitchen sink. The straps fit over a cardigan easily, not sure about a coat but I can try it tomorrow (I've packed my winter woolies away).
  6. Hi! VanBod

    If you don't mind that would be great. I am trying to get my orders in before the price increase on the 1st August.
  7. I tried it this morning and the straps fit easily over a wool winter coat. I think if you lengthened the straps, the bag might hang too low as it is wide but also quite long which you don't realise from the stock photos as the back is supported by whatever it is placed on.
  8. I cannot wait to see these! :hbeat: They are going to be gorgeoius!
  9. :yahoo:Hey! Ladies. She is finally here. My bespoke Cafe Latte TMA, with different handles, back outer zipped pocket and large stud feet. The smell of the leather is divine and the red lining gives a nice pop of colour. It is a perfect size even on my short frame. I have the messenger strap, wide and thin shoulder strap as I could not decide. The wide strap does look nice but I am not sure it will be as comfortable as the narrow strap. I now want the bag in Root, a nice green and I wouldn't mind a Chevre leather. I hope I have uploaded the pictures correctly. Again Thank you all for your help! Kimmy x
  10. Woo-Hoo!! A totallly gorgeous bag!! Congrats!:biggrin:

    She looks great on you too!

    No wonder you want more..LOL..I like this model lots as well, and was also condidering the root, but since I dont have the Hug me midi..I went for this..

    Your handles look comfy to carry, and is a great option!:smile:

    I personally like the wide strap especially over a thick wintercoat.
  11. Kimmy, this is such a gorgeous colour - the stock photos from BE's site just didn't do it justice.

    This is my favourite style from BE, the one that just kept me coming back to look at the site. The colour is great as is the lining combo you chose. I really like the straps you chose. In terms of staps, I usually wear the bag with the narrow padded strap as I find the wide slips but I've never tried the wide strap over a coat, must give that a go!

    I am waiting on a caffe latte LA Tote - some IRL photos from a friend convinced me to go for it!
  12. Very nice, Kimmy! It looks lovely on you! This style is a great style too! Congrats on a beautiful bag!
  13. Kimmy..The Rock me and the TMA ( the large type) are exactly similar in size!
    I just laid them on top of eachother. The TMA has a slightly wider base and a bit rounder frame:smile:

    The Rock me has a wider top..shape like a bucket, but the drawstring when pulled together a bit will give it a slim profile.

    I will show you in pictures..shortly..when I find my camera..this is a constant problem in this house..finding cameras!:p
  14. Thanks Bonniekir. Can't wait to see the pictures, that will help me choose. I love my bag, the different straps make it quite versatile. I wanted one in a Dark Green pebbled but I think they have run out if this colour.
  15. Kimmy..Here are comparing pics of the TMA in Taupe and the Rock me in Purple pebbled..both stock bags.

    The Purple is NOT more than max 1,5 cm longer, but shows a good deal longer , because I had not been too great in stacking them on top of eachother..

    Picture 2 and 3 show what had irritated me with the Rock me in stock bags ...( with the TMA , I always request the three rings to come detachable..not allways I feel like having extra weight with me)

    First..the pocket, which was not going all the way down, but stopped at the middle..I got my BEC Rock me with pockets all the way extra charge..and I don't know if this is a standard feature now or not. But the way the pocket stops, will make a fold, which really annoys me..

    Second..and I became aware of it after some use of the the magnet'll poke out like a sore eye!:p
    So unless it is a magnet on a flap or to close the bag, I ask for a 'popper' to avoid this happening on some pockets. ( but the atalier can change this fairly easy according to jackie, so when the leather gets worn too much, I will go to a cobbler to have this fixed)

    You can also see tha TMA a little fatter than the Rock me on the last picure..:graucho:

    Finally..and I should have thought of picturing it..I have more narrow handles on the BEC'd Rock mes..better to carry!

    The Rock me weighs little less than the TMA..and has the advantage of two nice and large outer pockets..but overall they can both carry the same! I have them both just to be able to change style when either travelling/ shopping/ or just me hauling the kitchen sink with me..LOL!
    IMGP0248.JPG IMGP0253.JPG IMGP0252-2.JPG IMGP0251-2.JPG